Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Boots No 7 Lipsticks...

Target has been one of my favorite shopping places since high school. I have always lucked up there on great items from clothes to cosmetics to jewelry. Never fails... I went to Target just to go...I was actually looking to see if they had any new spring lines out but they dont until this coming week of March 16th according to the sign in the cosmetics department.

Anyhoo, I chose to go find the clearance bins that they place over by the shampoo in our Target, that is where they throw all the bath products, hair products, and cosmetics that are on clearance, its like a huge end-cap of pure joy for me!

Within that little basket of heaven I found 21 Boots No 7 lipsticks that I would have never tried had they not been on clearance, they are originally $10 each and on clearance just $2-$3 depending on the lippie...I of course being in love with cosmetics grabbed them up...I was thrilled...its amazing what you can find in a Target clearance section on cosmetics...just happiness on my end!

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