Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Interview, Healing, & Upcoming Guest Post!

As you know yesterday I had an accident and hurt my foot pretty bad. It was SO swollen {all purple and fat}...I have had it on ice since, pretty much laid on the sofa all day yesterday and today...It feels a lot better but man, does it still hurt at the arch...hopefully it will heal all the way soon.

I mentioned yesterday that I had a interview today, it went SUPER GOOD, and now its a waiting game to see if i get the job. Fingers crossed, toes too {well as much as they can be}...the position would be nights and weekends only so that would put me still home with my littles, and they would always have a parent home with them, which is what Jim and I discussed when I first wanted to look for a job! AWESOME!

My best friend bought us some fast food for lunch as a cheat for the week...trying to eat better and all ya was awesome! {Thanks Amber}

And I got some neat news for the blog today...I offered my SUPER smart, handsome, amazing, talented, frugal, christian man of a husband, Jim, a shot to guest post on my blog about his financial smarts and he took that offer...So people, that means once a week we will have a financial class so to speak over here! How awesome is that...doesnt cost a thing, and let me tell you what, he KNOWS what he is doing! Believe me! I hope its something you guys will enjoy as much as I will...

Welp folks thats all I have for ya today...Just bits of good news! I am off to take a nap with the littles, its been a long day and I am exhausted...Have a great rest of the afternoon!

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