Monday, March 18, 2013

What's for dinner Monday?!...

This morning was time for some weekly grocery shopping at our house. We have a Wal-Mart Market {its just the food, bath, beauty products, pharmacy, and household part of Wal-Mart} right beside the library so I figured I would kill two birds with one stone so to speak...My husband budgets out all our money, which honestly I love. Our grocery budget for 7 people for 1 week is $150, I added an extra $20 due to some needed household items. Here is what our menu looks like this week.

Our Dinner Menu:
  • Monday: Hamburgers with french fries and salad
  • Tuesday: Spaghetti with salad
  • Wednesday: Hot dogs with french fries
  • Thursday: Chicken Salads
  • Friday: Popcorn, any leftovers, and salad {I got the idea for a Popcorn dinner HERE}
  • Saturday: Hamburgers & Hot dogs with french fries and salad
  • Sunday: Grocery Shopping Day
Drink Selections: Milk, Water, Juice, Tea, or Lemonade...I dont allow Juice except at lunch, costs too much with 4 children to do it all day...besides lunch my kids have water...

Now for all my groceries I spent $121.68, I spent $43.03 on all household items needed this week...I came home with a extra $5.oo to spare...this is all without coupons, I only use coupons when I get them from magazines, or from a product purchased, no newspapers me thats a pretty good deal for what I got altogether. 

What about you, what's on the menu for dinner at your house?
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  1. wow easy and to the point dinners. I just followed your blog and will continue too. Wow its nice around here. wow i forgot what i cooked monday lol. I know what I made yesterday lol.. I made homemade chicken enchiladas and i have more in the freezer for next weeks meal. Gotta love the freezer meals:)


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