Monday, April 01, 2013

Love No Matter What By Brenda Garrison- Booksneeze Review

{Disclaimer: I received this book for free in exchange for a honest review from Booksneeze; All thoughts and opinions herein are that of my own.}

Love No Matter What
By: Brenda Garrison

I chose this book because I thought it was a meant for parents of any age range. I didn’t realize that the actual age range is teen through adult.

My children range in age of 1-8 years old. I have 1 daughter and 3 sons, all of which are very different in personality.

My husband and I chose to raise our children the Christian way, loving the Lord, going to church, being choosy when it comes to the people we are friends with, and home schooling due to the rating of our local public schools. With that said however no matter what my husband and I may do when it comes to parenting our children are little people of their own. They, even at the ages they are now don’t always make the best choices, I would only assume when they hit the teen years those choices can be even worse on some occasions. What I believe we as parents need to remember along the way is that no matter what choices our children make along the road of life, whether we agree or disagree with the choices, we must choose to love them. We do not have to support their choices, but loving them is a must. Family is all you have when it really comes down to it, and when a person hits rock bottom your family will be the only ones loving you.

I know growing up my parents didn’t always agree with the choices I made, and still don’t, however they do love me, I can always count on them if I need anything. I want that same thing for my own children, to always know they are unconditionally loved by me and their father, just like our Heavenly Father loves us, completely unconditional.

  • Book Cover- 4 Stars {its catchy to the eye}
  • Reading Pace- 4 Stars {its a quick read}
  • Length of Book- 4 Stars {its your average book}
  • Would I recommend it- Yes to parents who have children pre-teen or older, younger ages not so much, wouldn't be that helpful 
  • Is it a repeat read for me- No

{Disclaimer: I received this book for free in exchange for a honest review from Booksneeze; All thoughts and opinions herein are that of my own.}

This book is available for purchase on Amazon & Christian Book
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