Monday, April 01, 2013

My Goals & Hopes...

As I sit here tonight its 8pm at my house and it is finally quiet, nothing is making a sound except the candle on my dining table, its a crackle candle I bought last year at JCPenny and only use at times like these. The kids are all in bed, Molly our pup is in my room sleeping, and Jim still hasnt gotten home from work yet. I dont mind. I actually like these moments to myself. I love Jim and the kids more than life itself however having some quiet time alone listening to a burning candle and drinking my warm cup of coffee is just priceless to me. 

When Jim went to college for those 2 years it was just me and the kids at night until around 10pm, and I got used to having my nights like this. I could listen to my teachings by Beth Moore, Jesse Duplantis, and my other stash of favorites...I would listen to the Christian and Mozart stations on Pandora too while browsing the computer...I would also spend countless hours thinking of what our life would be like once he graduated from the college he drug us halfway across the US to attend...I am thankful he did drag us here, its been such a change for me, us as a couple, and our family. We love it here. But in those moments my daydreams were spent lounging on a beach back in NC, loving our very own beach house, getting the kids to explore the seashore and watching the mass waves of God's ever so carefully created ocean...That is my dream...not Jim's...he would rather live in the mountains somewhere completely secluded near a river...I love that idea too, but inside I am such a beach girl...I want my own children to experience that side of the world too...We have had country, now desert and city life, and I am unaware of what God has planned for us next. Something I do know however is that I as a person, a woman, a wife, a mother, a friend, and a daughter of Christ must have in life is goals...I am one who strives on routine, lists, and goals. I havent made many goals since Jim graduated. I dont think I have really had the alone time to really think about my goals and what I personally want out life, my marriage, or my children. Today I have had some of that time, and tonight I have really had that time since the kids go to bed at 7pm...I thought I would share my goals with you, in hopes you will think about your own life and what you really want out of it. Here goes...

My Goals/Hopes in Life:

  • I want to be a complete follower of Christ, not caring what others think, and open to share my own trials with others in hopes of helping them through struggles.
  • I want my marriage to be a complete Christian marriage, where God is the center, and my husband and I are all each other need.
  • I want my children to grow up in a safe Godly home, where Christ can be discussed freely each and every single day no matter what is going on.
  • I want to share the gospel of Christ with others who have no way of hearing His Words.
  • I want to help women and children in other nations who need the love of Christ
  • I want to live in many parts of the world and see what all God truly created
  • I want to be the Christian Godly Mother that I was created to be to my own children
  • I want my children to know that I love them unconditionally, just like Christ loves us.
  • I want my children to look back on life and say that my husband and I gave them the best life they could've ever had.
  • I want to homeschool my children because it is what God laid on my heart and what is best for our family without always questioning myself and being questioned by others in the judgemental way.
  • I want to open a center for teen girls who struggle with pregnancy and need help {I was there once, I know completely the thoughts they struggle with day to day}
  • I want to live by the beach in my own beach house right on the sand...and hear the waves crashing and see the sunrise each morning...I love the sea...
  • I want to show girls, teens, and women that beauty is not all about what is on the outside, its completely about what is in your heart.
  • I want to use my life to serve Christ and share Christ on a day to day basis
  • I want to dig into my Bible and completely understand through Christ what it means or means for my own life or trials.
  • I want to open a orphanage for children who are not wanted by their biological parents, because each child deserves love and deserves to know they are loved unconditionally by Christ, and there are many families out there that would love to adopt them.
See I have many goals/hopes in my own life, that I believe with God I will be able to do all of them and be the way He designed me to be...I need to be open to growth and the unexpected without fear, the path is already laid before me, I just have to follow it...NO FEAR!

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