Friday, April 12, 2013

My New Hair Do & My Bestfriends Too!

I got a request for some photos of my hair cut from last week, of course I havent really had time to take pictures of how I style my own hair, but you can get the gist of it from the pics I took right after I got it cut last Thursday. I LOVE it...its SO much easier to handle and I think I look better with short hair...its stacked with side bangs and lots of layers is what I had asked for, for the most part the woman got it right, although when I go back on the 25th for a trim {since I work now, shorter is better for me so I dont have to put it up in a pony or pin back bangs} I plan to ask for some more bangs and more layers then she gave me. I got about 6-7 inches cut off my hair in total, so I believe she was scared to actually cut it off...but overall I love it...its awesome for me!

Meet Amber, she is my BEST FRIEND in the whole wide world and like my sister more often than not! She has had her hair long for 5 years, it has really grew this past year and she decided after I got mine cut off to do her hair...IT LOOKS AMAZING ON HER! Below are her pics and you can visit her blog HERE!

Have a great weekend, I will be working, so I doubt I will post again until Monday!

Disclaimer: All photographs on this blog are that of my own unless otherwise stated; photographs that are not mine will be linked to the source I got them from. Please do not take any of my photographs without my written permission. Thank you!

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