Tuesday, April 09, 2013

Plans For The Week!

WOW, its already Tuesday, and a freezing one at that for us here in CO, its about 20 degrees and its snowing, can you believe that, snowing in April...I have to say that I am SO beyond done with the snow, I want the warm sunshine and open windows of Spring...this snow can take a hike...I am sure another part of the world needs it...

Anywho, this week holds a lot for us...In homeschooling, Andrew is finishing up his Singapore Kindergarten Math Book B this week, he did a lesson today of making addition and subtraction sentences, he did really well with that...In Handwriting he completely finished up his A Reason for Handwriting K Book today, so I am going to have to figure in some review for him and maybe 2-3 letter word practice, in Reading and Phonics he is doing the Alphabet Bob Books and ETC book 1, taking it slowly at his own pace. In History we are doing chapters 18-22 in Story of the World this week. For Science it is plant life, we have a science kit we will be working on as well as some worksheets and books. In Bible we are doing our daily devotionals for each day of the month and discussing each topic we learn about. In Art we use Draw Write Now series so this week is plants and spring life. In Music we are listening to some of the kids favorite music cd's, and for we will be having a park day on Wednesday and Friday for some outdoors time, we will be taking pictures of anything we see that would be considered Spring and then discussing it once we get home, I even think I am going to make a scavenger hunt for the kids to do too. 

Gaby is almost done with her Singapore Math 2A book and will be moving on to her 2B book by the end of the week, we are taking math slowly with her this year for retention purpose and she had some issues with learning multiplication and division. She is finally getting it and we are back in full swing moving right along. She does 3 exercises each day, and once she gets to her 2B book I am thinking of adding one more lesson for her a day. We will see. In Spelling she is moving right along, I love that A Reason for Spelling is laid out by days in the week. Since she is retaining it really well I am debating on doing a weeks lesson in a day, its really easy stuff for her, so we again will see, I dont want to overload her. For Handwriting she is in cursive, today we did the double "ll" and she did well. In Reading she picks a book from our home library and our public library and reads until her heart is content, she is doing well in phonics too. In History, Science, Art, & Music she is doing the exact same as Andrew is, just at a different level, I try to keep those subjects a altogether study as much as possible.

Isaiah just tags along with whatever we are doing until his heart is content, he also only sits down for maybe 15 minutes at a time before he takes a break and plays cars or something while we continue along. He does do our fun lessons with us though just fine and he loves reading. 

Work is going good, I work the weekends for full days and then 2 weekdays from 4:45-8PM, so not too much, I still get everything at home done that I need to and it leaves me more than enough time to school the kids. 

TV Shows, well honestly I have been sucked completely in by Downton Abbey. Jim, Amber, & I all sit on the sofa and zone into this show like nobody's business...I am currently on Season 2 and have fell in love with this show...I get my discs from Netflix and jump for joy when they are in my mailbox! {Keeping my fingers crossed Matthew and Mary get married, I dont like that twisted snake Sir Richard or Ms Swire, she seems like she is hiding something to me, grr}

Reading, I am reading a book called Your Hearts Desire by Sheri Rose Shepherd, and I LOVE this book, I am on chapter 9 and taking it all in. I highly suggest this book if you havent read it or heard of it, its great for single women and married women alike.

Gaby and I had a girl day last Thursday, I got my hair all cut off, its back to the stacked bob which I LOVE on me, I feel like a woman again so speak ;)  Then we had lunch at Chic-Fil-A of course Gaby's favorite stop for our girl days, then we went to Target and Ross so she could spend her money that she saved up. I was quite proud of her for being so choosy with her money, she was wise with what she bought, she got a journal, some elf makeup, and a few things from the dollar section at Target, then at Ross she got herself a double sided mirror for her vanity {shes wanted one for months and they had one on clearance for $6}, and 2 body splashes...She was all happy with her finds...she is such a little lady...growing all up on me...bittersweet...

On Thursday Jim and I have a date night, and on Friday we will celebrate Isaiahs 4th Birthday...

I dont really have that much planned for the week other than our normal, hoping that this weather becomes nicer and the snow goes away, far, far away...Now I am off to fix some pizza, I am starving and need some lunch...have a great day! 

What are your plans for the week?

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  1. Okay, you know you have to show pics of the new haircut, right? ;)


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