Friday, April 19, 2013

The Passionate Mom By Susan Merrill- A Review

The Passionate Mom
Dare To Parent in Today’s World
Author: Susan Merrill

The 10 Bricks & {Mortar} of Motherhood: 
  1. Perception: A Passionate Mom must perceive what is happening in her child’s world
  2. Pondering: A Passionate Mom must carefully ponder her child and the significance of what is happening in her child’s life.
  3. Passion: A Passionate Mom must be passionate about her child.
  4. Prayer: A Passionate Mom will pour her passion into prayer because she trusts that every detail of her child’s life is in God’s hands.
  5. Patience: A Passionate Mom has the ability to suppress restlessness or annoyance when confronted with delay.
  6. Preparation: A Passionate Mom must be prepared with personal integrity and a detailed plan in advance of opportunity.
  7. Purpose: A Passionate Mom knows the reason for her existence as a parent and is determined to fulfill it.
  8. The Plan: A Passionate Mom has a plan for parenting her children from birth to adulthood.
  9. Problem Solving: A Passionate Mom has trials, tribulations, difficulties, and inconveniences-often daily- but she solves them as best she can.
  10. Perseverance: A Passionate Mom must intentionally maintain a purpose in spite of problems, continuing steadfastly until the end.

I have shared all 10 bricks above but she includes the mortar too, and in the end it makes a wall for being a passionate mom.

When you’re pregnant with your first child you have many plans, but they are most often times not life long plans and you don’t think about all the challenges that you will face as a mother of this little person who will forever be in your life. You may think of having Tea Parties, building trucks in the mud, reading bedtime stories, morning snuggles, etcbut we don’t always think about the times when the child draws on the wall, breaks that really expensive television you just bought, spills juice inside your car, etcthe times when we have to punish them for the wrong doings, we don’t think of the nights they break curfew, get a speeding ticket, or worse. I had no plan when I brought my kids home from the hospital, there is no secret pink or blue book sent home in the bags from the hospital, if there are they surely missed meparenting is hard for all mothers, we need to know that we are not alone, instead of the bashing of each other we should support each other the best we can. In this book Susan puts it out there for you, she doesn’t beat around the bush she shares her own stories how she learned to grow with the strength God gave her through the book of Nehemiah. I highly suggest this book to any woman, mother yet or not. It’s a great read to help you grow before you’re a parent and after you’re a parent.

Overall Rating {1 being the lowest score 5 being the highest score}:
Cover: 5
Topic: 5
Length of book: 5
Repeat Read: Yes
Would I suggest: Yes

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