Monday, April 22, 2013

Upcoming This Week!

Ok, Wow, now that you have enjoyed my great work of art thanks to PicMonkey, I'll share the upcoming for this week!

My week started fresh Saturday, its my work schedule, they start new weeks Saturday and end the week on Friday nights...anyhoo...I worked all day Saturday and Sunday, getting up at 4:30AM was not the greatest thing in the world...Sunday after work, Jim brought me and Amber some dinner and I got to see my littles for the first time that day, right as we were walking into church! We have found that we love the Sunday night services at a local church in our area, so that is what we do, none of us are morning people here, it works for us!

Today & tomorrow I work at 4:45PM...I am off Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday and dont work on Saturday again until 4:45PM {dinner shift}...I am actually thrilled about that...Today I have washed laundry, cleaned the bathrooms, swept, mopped, made a handful of phone calls, and schooled the kids...tomorrow will be some more cleaning and schooling...Wednesday I have no plans, I may just hide on the sofa all. darn. day{maybe nobody will notice}...not a chance in my house...its a great thought though! Thursday I have a hair appt, time for a trim, and maybe something a little shorter...we shall see...Friday, aaaahhhh Friday, I get my first check from work, then kids all have to a dentist appt, then Amber and I are going out for girls day {Amber is my best friend}...Jim will hang with the kiddies...Saturday's morning half I am not sure what I will be doing! Sleeping, maybe, most likely not...

On another note, we finally watched the first half of The Hobbit, I do suggest to those of you who love those movies...Its FANTASTIC...its right at 3 hours long, but totally worth it...We currently have Dredd from Netflix sitting by the TV waiting to be watched, then it will be season 3 of Downton Abbey...I was so THRILLED to see that Mary and Matthew finally decided to get married I almost balled with joy at the end of that last episode I watched...I am such a girl as Jim and Amber say, I say I dont care and there is nothing wrong with being such a girl...

Welp folks, you now have my plans this week, I am sure something will pop up that wasnt supposed to but hey, thats life...enjoy your week, hopefully you have warm weather!

Any suggestions for things you would like me to post more about on my blog?

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