Sunday, May 05, 2013

Letting Go...

I have really been thinking about my relationship with God this week. Last Sunday our sermon was on Confidence with God and it sparked some thoughts on my end, not in the sense that it may have sparked others but in the sense of trusting Him completely. It hit me again in the devotional a friend and I are doing when it came to having faith in Him. 

One of my biggest struggles is caring what others think about me. I dont care if they have something to say about my appearance or my every day life because they dont know me well enough to say anything, however when it comes to my love for God, and my Christian living I do care. One of my biggest strengths and weaknesses is being blunt. I tend to just say things the majority of the time without always taking into consideration how it may affect another person or people. I am literally one if you ask me something I will just state the truth or my opinion and not really care how you take it or if you take it. No I am not in your face pointing fingers but I will be completely honest about how I feel about the question you ask or the situation. However, the one thing I have noticed I do this to the people I love, but not to other people. Its a comfort in knowing they are really just stuck with me and will have to just let it go so to speak if they didnt like what I said...But with that said I have trouble relaying what God is saying for me to say to someone, no matter who they are.

For example, if God told me to tell Amber, my best friend, something about a situation she is going through, I can the majority of the time without a second thought, but there have been times that I have not said what He told me to tell her and eventually regretted it because it could have changed her thoughts or heart regarding the situation at hand. I do the same thing with my Husband. And let me tell you that if God tells me to tell a complete stranger something, I can tell you that I would be too embarrassed to actually tell them anything let alone what God says for me to say to them. Its not by any means something I am proud of, I actually get really mad at myself for not stating all the things God has told me to tell others. I know I was wrong and that kills me. When I worked at a Retirement Community I was a server, there were many days God would tell me to say something to one of the residents and I would look the other way, these people were mean, grumpy, hard of hearing, etc, I could come up with many excuses, but the one that stopped me the most was the fact that I could be fired for saying anything relating to God, regardless of if the residents had asked me something. I let my job be my boss rather then letting God be my boss.

I have read and heard so many stories within the Bible where people just say things that God has told them to say to others, they have talked to one person or a whole group of people, trusting and knowing that what they are saying is complete truth. They dont care if you like it, or if it bothers you, they truly know that what they are saying it what you need to hear. I want that same relationship with God, but in order for me to get to that place it will require me to completely know God rather then just believing what God has said. I will also have to let go of my fear of completely caring what others think of me and the being embarrassed thing. What God tells me to say is more then likely something they need to hear in that instant, it may help them not make a decision they will regret for the rest of their life. It will also build my own relationship and trust in God along the way. Having confidence in God and what He is saying to me is something I dont want to live without!

How do you handle speaking God's words to others? Not preaching the Bible but literally saying something He put on your heart to say to someone...

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  1. I say exactly what you posed as a question, that God has laid this on my heart, and I need to say it to them, it comes from my heart, and is not intended to judge, hurt or harm.


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