Friday, May 03, 2013

A New Addition & Spring!

As of 4-29-13 I am an a beautiful little princess named Aubrey Kaye. 
She weighed in at 6lbs 14oz with red hair. She is just beautiful. Welcome to our family little miss, you will be surrounded by lots of love from each and every one of us. Congratulations Ash & Jess on your little one!

Isnt she just beautiful, I cannot wait to hold her, I may just even babysit upon a visit to NC so her parents can have a date. I want to snuggle her myself...

In other news...Spring has completely started to show around our house. We finally got rid of the snow and are having 60+ degree days here. The warm weather is so nice and oh so needed. The kids have enjoyed the outdoors, running around with miss Molly girl...She tends to chase the birds every single morning, but thats ok. All the plants and trees are budding, and grass is again starting to grow. Its amazing to wake up to all the birds chirping. Today we seen our first blue jay here! 

The kids are being just that, kids! Gaby got a new hair cut when I got mine trimmed last week. A lot of her little blonde curly locks were cut off. She wanted bangs, so thats what we did. Oliver is full of himself, he is a happy little toddler who gets into everything! Isaiah is finally 4, hard to believe. He decided one night to move all the things on my bed over so he could curl up in my spot, I got a nice surprise at mid-night when I ventured to bed. And you have me, joking around at Michaels craft store a few weekends ago with Amber. 

And this man, hard to believe the homeless have resorted to holding signs like this. At least they have some humor to share, however the signage wasnt something I was expecting to see one morning...This is the 2nd man I have seen at this same spot holding this sign, the other would flip the sign over to reveal a smiley face. My only question is arent most people who do that ugly?! Just sayin...

Enjoy your Spring Yall...I am off to fix lunch and relax at naptime! 
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