Monday, May 13, 2013

Truth Is...

I am a real life BEAUTY JUNKIE. Yep, I jumped into that bandwagon when I was 17yo and have never gotten off. I admit it, it’s a real life issue of mine. Cosmetics are a bit of a hoarding hazard for me. I have a unique makeup station which I love however its full, full of things that I love so much, all the pretty colors, textures, and of course lipsticks. My weakness is seriously eyeshadow, blush, and lipsticks/balms. Today I spent my morning reorganizing all that craziness, and upon organizing it have decided I am going on a 90 Day COSMETICS BAN! Gasp!

Unfortunately I NEED this. My wardrobe needs more attention than my cosmetics drawers at this given time. I get too consumed looking at the Boots and Sonia Kashuk section at Target, the isles at Sephora, which honestly I don’t really buy a lot from, but Target I do. So the oath in my cosmetics ban is as follows for me:

I Kristen E. hereby promise to not buy any cosmetics over the next 90 Days with the exception of a reward each 30 days of 1 eyeshadow, 1 lipstick, or 1 blush/bronzer of choice, I cannot combine products or make excuses to buy cosmetics because I have a whole makeup section within the confines of my bedroom that houses everything I will actually need within these next 90 days.

Sounds easy to me. But I already KNOW it will not be. It’s a weakness of mine. My actual goal is to save my money, spend it on things I actually need, and treat myself once with something in the next 8 weeks that is a cosmetic, not the whole isle. I need to be a bit more choosy in where my money actually goes. I already get Ipsy and Birchbox each month to try new products, so my goal is do just that for a while in the makeup department of my life.

Its going to be a interesting step with me considering the amount of money in which I spend on cosmetics each month. I will not incriminate myself here but its more than you would ever expect. I get tons of compliments on my makeup but its just not worth it all to me anymore. I need to grow up and focus a bit more on other things in life.

There you have it, you can root for me and I will root for you if you choose to go on a ban of some sort for the next 90 Days. Wish me lots of luck! 89 Days to go!

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