Friday, June 21, 2013

{10 Ways You Can Bless Yourself}

Lets be honest, I have not always loved being a stay at home wife and mother. There I said it, there have been times when I wanted to lock myself in my room just for a moments peace and times when I wanted to just give up on it all, but the love for my roles have far outweighed any negativity that satan may throw within my thoughts. Being a wife and mother is a career that will give you so many blessings and open your heart to so many things that you never thought of before, however being a wife and mother is no easy job, its downright hard at times. So today I want to share some tips on how you can be a blessing to yourself!

1. Spend time alone with God: Yep, that is my number 1, you have to spend time alone with God and rest in his lap for you to peacefully and humbly get through your day. I remember when my 3rd child was born, I was a new Christian and we had a lot going on in our marriage at the time, Jim worked 3rd shift so I was home at night alone for the most part. When I would wake up to nurse my precious son I would have many conversations with God about our family, myself, and our marriage. I would thank Him for the lives of my children and husband, and the day he blessed me with no matter how hard it was, I always felt so much peace and love during those wee hour conversations...Today I have a 8yo, 6yo, 4yo, and 1yo; I still sit up at night talking to God about my life and the people who surround me each day. I still need Him to know how thankful I am for Him I am and the day He gave me to teach my children and be the best wife to my husband. God cherishes that time with you just as you do Him, He wants to be your rock and help you through any time of need from a simple prayer for grace or the harder ones you may face on a daily basis, He wants you to come to Him and trust Him, He loves you and wants you to know that. He has much to share with you too if you are willing to listen to Him.

2. Take care of yourself: As a wife and mother we tend to forget that we must take time for ourselves. We rush around doing so many things for other people and our family and completely forget that we havent even changed out of our pajamas all day and its now 4PM...I used to sit home with my kids all day and Jim worked and went to school at night so I in my mind I had no reason to get ready or change point in wasting that makeup or dirtying more laundry in my opinion, however I realized that I dont get ready just for myself I do it for my husband too. I would see Jim for 30 minutes between work and school then again at 10PM, I didnt realize how important it was for myself and my marriage to take care of myself. I always feel better when I have my makeup and hair fixed and I wear something that doesnt consist of stains or spit-up...It changes how you feel about yourself and your mood towards others.

3. Take time for yourself: Alone, take time alone for yourself. Whether its a hot bubble bath once the kids are in bed, a good book during naptime, your favorite show, or an outside of the home activity you like to do, or even window shopping, take time alone for yourself. We as women want to always be so strong and just do it all for everyone else that we forget we sometimes need a breather too. I used to feel guilty going out to do things alone, so I would never do it, however within the past 2 years I have realized I need that time away from the house to just think for a moment and gather myself. I love window shopping at Target and Ross, those are my favorite stores. I will go alone or with a friend and have some adult girl time away...It helps me to relax and I get to see all the new things that are in the stores, I even try one clothes just to see if I like something...its fun and I enjoy it. I also love poetry books, so during the kids naptimes I will grab a book and read it or I will look for things online, I love love love Emily Dickinson works, and the other day when Jim and I went out for coffee I found a book of her poems for only $7, I grabbed it up and will be reading it today in my alone time. Remember you need that time to gather yourself and breathe away from the world.

4. Educate yourself: just because your not longer in school doesnt mean your learning has to stop. If you have interests in something read about it online or check books out from your local library, you can even watch youtube videos to educate yourself. We are blessed to be able to think and have a mind that can learn about anything, use it. I love to read self help books, poetry, anything beauty related, parenting, etc. I follow many blogs through bloglovin and watch a ton of youtube videos in my spare time to educate myself on topics that interest me, I even have a stack of library books going all the time. Nourish your mind and keep yourself educated, learning is something that will continue through your lifetime.

5. Take care of yourself physically: God has blessed us with only 1 body, you will never have another, take care of what God has blessed you with. Not only does exercise help your body but it helps your self image. I have had 4 children, no my body is not what it used to be nor is it a size 2, I have recently decided to do exercise when the kids are taking naps each day. I have a stack of exercise DVD's in my living room from the library that I can try out, I also play active games on our PS3, and I have also decided to take morning walks to have my alone time with God. It not only helps me lose unwanted weight but helps me feel better about myself.

6. Have a hobby: whether it be cooking, sewing, knitting, crafting, baking, running, etc...have something to do that gives you joy. I love doing peoples makeup and hair, so when I get asked for some advice or help on that I jump on it. Its something that I love that gives me joy.

7. Dont be your worst enemy: this is a big one because most women are their worst enemy. There are no harsher words than the ones we say to ourselves when we are alone or going through a rough time. Replace your self negativity with positive thoughts and words. I used to bash myself on my weight, and I would get so down to the point that not only did it lead to depression but my mood was awful. I listened to a youtube video about Being Body Confident and my thoughts completely changed. I now play up my eyes or my hair and I buy more fitting clothing in styles I like rather then just plain stuff. I try to look my best everyday and dont really even think of my weight anymore. I want to healthy not skinny, and I want to look my best no matter my weight.

8. Be true to  yourself: this one is a tough one because women tend to want to please everyone else instead of being their true self. We tend to listen to much to the world instead of listening to God. We tend to live in the sin rather then the truth. We hide behind our worldly veil instead of our angelic wings. Being true to who you are is one of the best things you can do for yourself. We are scared of rejection of the world and so we change to fit everyone elses views. Show your true colors and be the person God created you to be.

9. Dont surround yourself with negative people: growing up this was one of the hardest things for me to understand. I had friends from many backgrounds, and each of them would at times be so negative on certain topics that even though I wasnt in that situation I would become negative. For example if John dated Mary but broke up with her for Susie, Mary and all of Mary's friends would dislike Susie. If Kate complained of her weight then Sally, Molly, and Julie thought they were fat too and bashed themselves. Whats even worse are the Whoa is Me people, everything they go through has to have a pity party and everyone else is better off than they are, that drives me crazy. If you surround yourself with these types of people it wont be long before you are doing the same things they are. Choose your friends wisely, surround yourself with people that have similar beliefs as you, are kind, loving, caring, supporting, etc.

10. Dont compare yourself with other women: this one is another big one, we as women tend to compare our lives, bodies, families, etc with every single other family out there. I homeschool my kids, and when I first started homeschooling I would try my best to keep up with other families that I seen on blogs, I would try to make everything we did just as great, I would try to wear or look the same as the other moms. When we would go out I would think man I wish I looked like her or I wish I had what they had...That is wrong thinking and doing. You are at the spot in life you are in because that is where you are currently living. Dont compare yourself or your family with others.

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