Thursday, June 06, 2013

{50 Things You May Not Know About Me}

I thought this would be a neat post, so today you are going to learn a bit about me as a person, some things are funny some not so much...Enjoy!

  1. I am horribly afraid of spiders. 
  2. I dislike the circus because I am afraid of clowns.
  3. In public bathrooms if I have to use one I always use paper towels to open the doors. Germs!
  4. I get magazines in Spanish just to look at the pictures. 
  5. I have real pearls and rarely wear them because I am afraid I will lose them or they will get stolen.
  6. I wear contacts because I am almost legally blind.
  7. I have a wall magazine rack standing beside my makeup cabinet full of magazines I have yet to read.
  8. I honestly have a Armoire of cosmetics and hair accessories.
  9. I love watching Downton Abbey, I am on Season 3 Disc 2 from netflix.
  10. I have 5 mirrors in my room, I dont know why but I love mirrors. 
  11. I group everything in 3's. Learned that from my Mom.
  12. I wear flip flops year round even in inches of snow. 
  13. I hate heels because I cant walk in those darn things.
  14. I love skinny jeans.
  15. I love crackling candles.
  16. My favorite jewelry is rings and earrings.
  17. The only chocolate I eat is dark chocolate.
  18. I hate ice cream. 
  19. I hate cake, except my Mother In Laws Pumpkin Rolls, those I love!
  20. I drink coffee out of a black and white zebra or cheetah mug every morning. 
  21. I love black.
  22. I venture in color with my wallet or hair accessories.
  23. My makeup is always neutral.
  24. I got married at age 19.
  25. We own our home.
  26. We live in a huge city.
  27. I drive a minivan, and love it.
  28. I love our dog Molly even though she is as big as I am.
  29. I am only 5'3" even though I like to say I am 5'5".
  30. My husband is literally a foot taller than me.
  31. I have never lied about my age, I am 25!
  32. I hate shaving my legs with a passion but do it anyway, just part of being a girl.
  33. I hate drinking water.
  34. I hate snow, but dream of living in Alaska.
  35. I have every Boots lipstick sold in the US.
  36. I mix my body splash and perfume to make my own unique scent and always get compliments.
  37. I have never flown in a airplane.
  38. I used to have super long hair and cut it all off about 2 years ago.
  39. I make the dumbest faces to make people laugh.
  40. I ran track in middle school and played soccer in high school.
  41. I love hamburgers.
  42. My favorite drink is Wild Cherry Pepsi.
  43. I am not a drinker of alcohol, and I have never smoked in my life.
  44. Last year on Mothers day my handbag got stolen so my husband replaced it and all the contents.
  45. I love handbags.
  46. I love watching movies set in the 1930's or before.
  47. I wish I could wear fancy clothes like the women in Downton Abbey.
  48. I love riding in my husbands car & I miss his motorcycle, secretly, shhh dont tell him. 
  49. I frequently run into walls and doorways, they jump out at me, I then yell at it like its the doors fault.
  50. My hair is actually blonde, I dye it dark brown and red because dark hair looks best on me.
There now you know 50 things about me that you may not have known before. Do you have any thing you would like to know about me? Leave it in the comments! Much Love & Many Blessings!

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