Monday, June 24, 2013

{How To Enrich Your Husband's Life}

Marriage is a union between Man & Woman before God, its a commitment to them, their spouse, and God. When I got married 6 years ago  {in a few days (:  }, I didnt really understand what marriage was. If I had to define it I would have told you that its wearing a ring on your finger, having your own home, cars, bank accounts, bills, children, and a dog, you have to share everything, and if after all that your not happy you can run and get a divorce and call it quits and move on to the next. That was a plain and simple way of putting how I grew up. You dont speak to your spouse, you do nothing fun together, you argue, you maybe eat together, and you never say "I love you" loud enough for anyone else to hear. Its a shame isnt it?! 

I didnt know the true meaning of marriage. I was 19, in love with the man of my dreams, and yet still felt so empty inside. I didnt know God, really anything about God, but I knew that there was something more for our marriage, I wanted more for us, more for me, more for Jim, the hard part was figuring out what that was and meant to God. 

The first 3 years of our marriage was a mix, we would be thrilled one minute and at each others throats the next. Once we moved to Colorado, we were away from our families and friends of NC, it was a new chapter in our marriage. God used us moving to bring us closer. I now had to literally depend on God, my husband and myself to make it through that rough first two years of being in a new place. It was hard, I would blame Jim for moving, I missed my family, I took for granted a lot. 

In the past year or two God has opened my heart to so much more than just being married, He showed me what being married actually was. Yes its saying your vows, and all that mushy stuff in front of your whole families and friends, yes its those butterflies you get when your guys walks in, but its more than that, its a life long commitment to enrich your husbands life day to day. 

All that mushy stuff doesnt have to end just because you are now married, there are tons of things you can do to enrich your husband on a day to day basis.
  • Pray for him, pray that God leads him in the right path each day with all the choices he may be faced at making, pray that satan leave him alone when it comes to temptations, pray that he have a open heart and mind to be able to hear God. Amazing things happen through prayer. 
  • Look nice for him, even if you have babies and small children, you can still make yourself look nice for when you will see him. Just because you are now married doesnt mean you have to put on old lady clothes or wear spit up and food stains all day, be modest though and choose your clothing wisely.
  • Let him lead your home, he is the head of the home, step back and let your control walk out the door, you now have to take into consideration your man, and his feelings on things.
  • Write him letters, who says you cant still be completely in love and have butterflies for that guy who stole your heart?! Write him letters or e-mail letting him know how much you care.
  • Surprise him, whether it be his favorite meal, a new book, a new gadget, men like gifts as much as women. 
  • Respect him, you will catch more flies with honey than vinegar, and that goes for your spouse too. The more you respect him the more love he will show to you.
  • Nurture him, when he needs your love and affection and he is having a hard time, its ok to simply love him and help him through, dont ignore him, let him show his emotions.
  • Show intimacy towards him, whether a full out kiss, holding hands on a walk, cuddling on the couch, show your love for him.
  • Always put him first right after God. You cannot let your parents, friends, strangers etc be before your husbands needs and wants in your life. 
  • Date him, date him like you did before you were married, just because you tied the knot doesnt mean you still cant have fun with each other. 
  • Never speak negatively about him, when you have negativity in your heart about your spouse, that is a needs for prayer, dont allow others in on your opinions of your marriage, your marriage stays between you and your spouse unless someone is in danger. 
  • Compliment him, ladies we are not the only ones who like compliments, tell you man he looks nice, or you like his hair cut, or whatever it may be, but compliment him often.
And the list could go on but I am going to spare the post from being miles long...

Today if you ask me what I believe marriage is I would tell you this: 

Its a life long commitment and opportunity to enrich my husbands life on a day to day basis, to show him the love of God through me, and share a lifetime of fun and memories with him the good and the bad. To be his helpmeet in any and all things on this earth, and keep the vows I made those years ago of "I Do"...

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Dear Heavenly Father, I want to thank you for allowing me another day in this amazing world you have created, for allowing me to touch the lives of my husband and children once more, for allowing me the chance to share your words and unconditional love with the people I meet. I come to you with an open heart to renew the love I have for my husband, to help me be the wife you have told me to be through your words. I ask that you grant me peace, happiness, strength, patience, the ability to listen, and allow my heart to have your unconditional love for my husband. I ask your forgiveness for the negative ways of the flesh and that you strike down satan from messing with my heart and mind. I thank you Lord, and I love you. In Your Beautiful Name, Amen

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