Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Lets Talk Tuesday: Momma Clothing

I know the items on the left look all to familiar to many of todays women, most of which are Mommas. I became a mom very young, I tried to keep up with myself and a baby but once I got pregnant with little person #2 and then #3 I gave up. I plainly threw in the towel and only got decent when Jim and I would go out on a date, no point in wasting nice clothes to get covered in spit up or stained by little hands. I would wear my sweat pants and grey tee's all the time, I hate shoes so the slippers stayed in the closet but I would also wear a hooded sweatshirt for more comfort. I was chasing around 3 little people and pregnant with #4 when it hit me that I look like crap! I did. I wont lie. I looked liked I had spent my whole day in bed, exhausted, and ran ragged. Jim actually begged me a few times to put on some jeans and a top instead of sweats, that was my turning point. 

You see, the moms on the magazine covers of Parents, Baby Talk, Parenting, etc. looked too put together to me, I mean I chase 4 kids all day, how in the world am I going to be comfortable yet looking nice at the same time?! 

I decided to look around my 2 favorite stores for clothes, Target and Wal-Mart. Yep, cheap so that way if it gets ruined it didnt cost me a lot and wont cost a ton to replace, it comfy, its fashionable in a doable way, and they are close by. 

Once I chose the places to find items, I went completely through my clothes and made a mental list of what items I needed to buy. I got rid of everything stained, sweat stuff, and things that no longer fit in size. I also went through my pajamas and did the same thing, no point in wearing maternity stuff when I am no longer having babies. 

I them made a few trips to find the items that would work for me. 

Currently its hot where I live, but I checked the clearance racks for items that I could use in other seasons because you can find things for a buck or two now in these stores because they want them gone before they bring in the next seasons items. 

So far some of the items I have purchased are, jeans, fashion tank tops{this means they are printed or can be wore to church, work, etc}, shorts that are a decent length on me because I am short, and a few dresses. I also wear flats and sandals when I dont have on my flip flops, and I wear earrings each day. I also get ready on days I am not spending my day cleaning. I am one who cleans majorly at once then does minor pickups of the house every other day following, so for example yesterday I didnt get ready because I was cleaning our house and sweating up a storm so no point for me. 

When your looking for clothing as a Momma keep in mind the following:
  • You are now a Mom, so how you dress impacts the little people in your life
  • You most likely will not be your pre pregnancy size
  • You arent going to look like those moms on tv or in magazines
  • You have to keep comfortable, dont wear heels to the park to chase your kids
  • Keep in mind that you want to impress your husband, how you look effects him as well
  • Keep it simple, dont try to look like your going to some fancy ball 
  • Keep Modesty in mind, cover up, dont wear booty shorts or very low cut tops
  • Your hair is part of your style, so get a nice cut that is doable now that your a Momma
What are your thoughts? How has your style changed since you became a mom?

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