Friday, June 21, 2013

{Little Moments in Motherhood}

In my journey of motherhood being a mom has always enticed me. I have always loved the moments I get with my children whether we have good days or bad days. I love being the mom to 1 little southern belle of a daughter and 3 little logical minded little boys. One of my most cherished moments of motherhood are those moments when my children want to lay with me, my daughter and 2 oldest sons will lay with me and tell me stories and then I have my youngest little man who just wants the comfort of hearing my heartbeat to fall asleep or snuggle.

I remember my own mom telling me to "Cherish all those moments, they don't stay little long enough"...At the time I thought many a time about how I would always want to hold my babies and not enough time thinking of how one day they will grow up and wont want to be sitting on my lap or laying with me on the couch or bed just talking away about things that interest them or sharing stories.
Today Oliver has cuddled with me most of the day whether it be on my bed this morning while I had some coffee or this afternoon while the older kids had quiet times in their rooms. I soaked up each moment from him, he is my last baby, and of course I wont get those moments again with him or any other baby for that matter.

I love being a mom...if your a mom I hope you enjoy it as much as I do and that you cherish and soak in those moments with each of your kids, its ok if the dishes wait or the laundry waits another 30 minutes, those chats or snuggles wont happen again...

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