Tuesday, June 04, 2013

Summer Learning Week 1...

This week kicks off our summer learning for the next 8-12 weeks. The kids have had a few weeks with no school at all and they have had some fun but its time to get back into routine and our normal living. 

Today I made a trip to the library and found some amazing books and movies for the kids. I also snagged up me a few reads as well. I am so blessed to live 2 minutes from our library, it is amazing...

My focus this week will be of course getting the kids back into chores, and light school. When I say light, its light. We will focus on Math, Reading, Handwriting, Art, and lots of Science{this is my kids favorite subject}...For History we will be reading The American Story: 100 True Tales from American History aloud each day. We also will be spending a lot of our days outside. Where we live from mid-September to mid-May we get snow and its pretty cool outside with lots of wind, so anytime we can be outdoors is amazing and I try to let the kids focus on that instead of so much sheet work. Real life learning is our goal from here on out. 

What I have planned this week is as follows:

-Math 2-3 Lessons a wk for each child, Isaiah will focus on number formation and recognition
-Handwriting will be copy work from poetry, Isaiah and Andrew will focus a bit more on letter formation and recognition
-Reading for Gaby  will be silent reading of chapter books, and each day I will ask her to read to me aloud and/or tell me about the chapter she read. Andrew will work on beginning reading of Bob Books, and Isaiah will curl up with me for some story time.
-Art will be nature drawing outdoors
-Science will focus on Birds & Bird Watching, Rocks & Minerals, and Garden Preparation, I also found a book at the library based on plants so we will read a bit from that in requards of figuring out what the kids would like to plant.
-History will be a story from the book I listed above, The American Story: 100 True Tales from American History

We are looking forward to our summer learning, I hope you all are having a blessed fun filled summer as well. I will be back later to share some photos of our day here and plan to post some throughout the week as well. Thanks for stopping by to check out our weekly plans...Much Love & Many Blessings!

Disclaimer: All photographs on this blog are that of my own unless otherwise stated; photographs that are not mine will be linked to the source I got them from. Please do not take any of my photographs without my written permission. Thank you!

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