Monday, July 29, 2013

{Fairy Houses & Pixie Dust}

Today has been a bit of a slow moving day, it has drizzled off and on and on top of that you can tell Summer is ending here for us in Colorado, our top off today was a nice 71 degrees outside and partly sunny.

I wanted the kids to enjoy their last bits of summer outdoors since in about 2 weeks we will be starting up with our Homeschooling Year. I really cannot believe summer is soon to be over and soon the leaves will be falling off the trees and the wind blowing almost every day for us.

This morning was really relaxing, I had my coffee and the kids had breakfast, got changed and ready for their day, and headed outside to enjoy the cool morning. While they played I checked on my e-mail and looked at a few things online, then got ready myself while Oliver was taking his morning nap.

I decided to make use of some mailing boxes that for some reason I got for free a long time ago and they were sitting in the garage, I decided to pop them up, then cut one of the sides out making a hole, I let the kids paint them any way they wanted, while they dried we glued popsicle sticks together and made little houses. I let the kids then paint them, while they dried the kids had quiet time/naps and I did a few things around the house. Once they got up they gathered lots of goodies around the house and I added dirt to the boxes, we added the houses, then decorated the “landscape”. The kids made cute little fairy houses for outside to play with it, good use of their imaginations today. I also reviewed colors, shapes, sizes, etc, and the alphabet and numbers with the little people. Oliver just made a mess with the dirt throwing it all over the dining table but that’s ok, he had fun too. Once they were all put together I sprinkled glitter aka fairy dust all over the dirt for the kids, then they were all set outside for play.

The afternoon quieted down nicely with some toy cleanup and a thunderstorm rolling in…the breeze is picking up and its got a bit darker outside along with the sound of the thunder…I can tell some little people will be sleeping really well tonight!

I hope you had a wonderful Monday and start to the week as well. Have you ever let your kids make Fairy Houses? How did they like them, what did you use?

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