Sunday, July 28, 2013

Kiss Me Like You Mean It: Solomon’s Crazy In Love How-To Manuel By Dr. David Clarke {A Review}

This book is one of the best books on the market for a Christian Marriage! I got so sucked into this book within the first few pages that I couldn’t put it down. It is 240 pages of pure goodness that will keep your marriage wholesome all the way to the end. I have searched and searched for a book that discussed what God really thinks about Sex in marriage and what is ok and not ok within your marriage relationship for the past few years, none of them even held a candle to this book. The author tells you basically like it is, he tears into the Song of Solomon like no other and explains what that means in today’s terms for your marriage. Many marriages today have lost their passion; between work, school, finances, kids, pets, etc, most husbands and wives have no idea who the other one is, nor how to have fun together. This book will if not solve those problems for you, will defiantly show you how to begin to change your love life forever with God at the center. I didn’t grow up in a Christian home, I was never taught about sex in general much less what God’s view of it is for a marriage. I have to say intimacy is covered very well, its wrote in a wholesome manner, it’s a fun read that will keep you sucked in the whole time. I honestly hope the author writes more books geared towards this topic in the future, maybe one to explain it to children, and teens. Overall I would suggest this book to anyone who is married, regardless if you have issues or not, I also think newlyweds should read this book together to get a better understanding of intimacy in marriage and nip some issues in the bud before they begin. Thank you Dr. Clarke for writing such an amazing Christian book geared towards a tough topic in today’s world, it has blessed my marriage and me as a wife in more ways than I can express here!

You can get this book on Amazon in Kindle format $10 or Paperback $13

{Disclaimer: This book was purchased by solely for the purpose of bettering myself as a wife and my marriage, I am in no way affiliated with the author or publisher, all thoughts and opinions herein are that of my own}

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