Tuesday, July 02, 2013

{What I Learned About Me: June Edition}

 Personal growth is something that is essential to life, we as people are always growing and changing, whether it be something physical, emotional or even mentally, we grow and change all the time. I learned a lot about me in June, so here are few of the hats I wear in life and what I learned about myself while wearing them in June.

Daughter of God: I learned that I need to spend more time with God, not just when I really need him but even when I really just need to talk to Him, I need to take that extra step and spend time with Him just to talk, He likes knowing all about our day, our fears, our happiness, and hear our laughter, I need to share that with Him more.

Wife: I need time with my husband just as much as he needs time with me. Sometimes I just need to talk and he will listen of course but I need alone time with him from day to day, just to know we are ok in our marriage. I need to hear his voice more often than I have in the past.

Mother: I need to take time to smell the roses so to speak, to focus on the little things and sit and take in my loves, other things can wait

Friend:  Ahh, this one is funny, IRL I don’t have but 1 friendI am too busy to have many friends, so 1 is enough for meI do need to realize that I am not her and to sometimes think about what I say before it comes out

Cook: well just because I love garlic doesn’t mean everyone else does, sadly this is a pitfall of mine, I love garlic and add it to everything, but Jim hates garlic, and usually won’t finish his plate if something consists of garlic, so I am laying off for a bitit’s a bittersweet situation.

Homekeeper: uhhh, well, maid so to speak, I need to get with it and get going on some cleaning of this house, I have 4 little ones, and a puppyI need to manage my cleaning better!

Learner: I love to learn, I read a lot, and I listen to things on my computer and through audio, it actually amazed me in June how many free E-Books I added to my phone. I realized that I can escape through a book, and I like it, I can go anywhere, meet whomever, mentally try new foods, and see new things. I like that thought.

Explorer: I like to see knew places, I love seeing all the old things of the world. Although I have never left the US, I have seen a lot of neat places around it. I also realized that I miss North Carolina. I do. I miss my homestate more than I thought I did. At least here I get woke up to the birds and on good nights you can hear crickets and see the stars, but there is nothing like a good NC rain and a porch swing!

Photographer: I love taking pictures of nature and of course my crew. My favorite photos of June were of flowers and the outdoors. I also really loved the moments I secretly captured of my little people. I also decided that although I am up in the techy world with cell phones and love my cell camera, I really really want a good Canon Camera to take photos with. Maybe one day, I can have a dream right?!

In the Beauty Department: I realized I am very very picky when it comes to my cosmetics, I really love natural and neutral shades, none of this blue/green/purple stuff for me, that just doesn’t scream classy.

In the Fashion Department: I have grown to love my dresses and skirts once more, love them. I hate that we live in a place where 8 months out of the year its cold and I cant wear them, but thankfully in June I wore them a lot. I also fell in love with antique looking prints of flowers, and light colors.

In the Accessory Department: This is where I tend to venture in color with my wallets, I love the fun prints and styles they have out now. I also after about 9 years decided that I really missed my necklaces and bracelets so a few were in order for June. I found some great ones at Kohls, and at JCPenny {that will be a upcoming post} I also found some amazing earrings! I love stud/post earrings and man did I luck up in June!

Well this is what I learned about in Junegotta love some self growth and learning. 
What did you learn about yourself in June?

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