Thursday, July 25, 2013

{What Negative Flaws Are Impacting Your Life?}

Does your ugly step in the room before you do?
Have you ever talked to someone and then met them again somewhere in passing and wanted to run because they have such a ugly heart?

I remember in high school there were girls I would try my best to avoid because they were so mean hearted and I wonder today how they became as adults. I even deal with these things at church, there are just some women and even men who have such ugly cold hearts that it hits you before they do.

Last night I started thinking a lot because I wasnt tired and it wasnt the best night in general, but I was talking to God about how I appear to people in general, how I appear to my husband, how I appear to my children, and most of all how I appear to God. I am not always in a great mood, some days are worse than others, but that is the case for everyone. I think everyone has their days. I used to be that cold person, I can guarantee that my ugly would hit people before I did and they didnt even have to know me. I can say there have been times my husband wanted to run from me because I was cold and not considerate of others.

One of my biggest issues was arguments with my husband, I would say the meanest, ugliest, coldest things in order to hurt him because I wanted him to feel the pain I was in, or have some similar pain that I had. I also wasnt considerate about many other things, I never took his opinion into consideration, if I wanted to do something I just did it or said it no questions asked on my end.

One of my biggest flaws today is still being inconsiderate of other people, but most of all, my husband. I dont think before I speak the majority of the time, nor do I think before I do the majority of the time. I just say or do under the assumption everyone is thick skinned like I am or can overlook my mistakes like I do others most of the time.

Everyone always talks about how your flaws are beautiful and make you the person you are and you should embrace them. I get that for some physical flaws like a nose, chin, boney knees, etc, but what about the flaws that are negative in your life? I never hear anyone talking about those and telling you how to boot them. Yes there are tons of books, classes, shows, etc that tell you how to deal with things, but that is different depending on the person, because God made us so different not one way will work for everyone.

Some negative flaws that come to my mind are:
Spending problems
Spending too much time at work
Not making time for your spouse
Too much time on the computer or watching television
Not taking time for your children
Anger issues
Depression and/or Anxiety

And I could keep going but that could take days. All of those flaws make you the person you are but is that who you want to be? Who you want people to know you for? I know for one I dont, I dont want to be remembered as the woman who yelled at her husband all the time, the nagging wife, the inactive mother, the internet addict, or the person who lived in debt like most of America. I dont want people whispering about me before I even hit the room, or talking about me in a negative way at their dinner party. I want people to love me for the person I am, I want to show Gods love and light to others, I want to be the wife who loves her husband and allows him to lead their home like God instructed, I want to be the Mom who homeschools her children and people wish they schooled like I did, I want to be so financially set that I can help others no matter what their true need is, I want to live the life that God instructed me to live and share Him with people all over the world. I dont want any negative flaw of mine to be what I am known for, I dont want to carry the weight of that negative flaw either, it can be a heavy flaw to carry around. You have to be bigger than satan and call out that flaw and squish it to the ground, you have to be big enough to say no when you have an urge to do something wrong, or you feel like satan is walking in your front door, you have to be strong enough to tell him to please keep walking like you do those door to door salesmen.

I have flaws of many kinds, I am like you, I am human, I am trying to overcome them. They arent easy, some are worse than others, but I know with God I can do anything. The road wont be smooth it I know will be rocky and I may fall down a time or two but I know I can do it. The 3 biggest negative flaws I am working on are: Losing weight, my spending issues, and putting forth the effort to make myself a better wife and mother.

I may not be able to help you with your flaw, but if you ever want to talk to me or ask questions I can listen like a true friend. Maybe you share the same flaw I have, we can work on it together, leave a comment or e-mail me!

What about you, what are some of your biggest negative flaws?

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