Wednesday, July 03, 2013

{Wife Growing Week 1}-Getting Rid of Distractions that Delay Your Prayer Time!

Yesterday I was reading another blog that I follow and the author was speaking about how great a certain book was, I tend to not really pay much attention to these posts but this one caught my eye because it was talking about Husbands. 

The book is called:
For The Love of Our Husbands: 52 Devotions for wives and prayers for the men they love; By Darby Dugger

I read the first chapter last night, she talks a bit about herself and her life on a certain topic then she challenges you to do the same in the end as she did.  Week one's challenge was talking about getting rid of distractions so you can really speak to God about your husband.  This really caught me because I tend to spend my morning going through the computer, running frantic with the kids, or a mix of other things. I dont always just sit and speak to God about Jim like I need to. I will do the usual of thanking Him for my husband and asking Him to please put a shield in front of Jim to block him from the sins and hurts of this world but I dont just specifically pray for Jim. I am too distracted by the lists in my head, the phone calls that need to be made, the cleaning that needs to be done, the lesson planning of homeschooling, then you have just normal day to day things that crowd out my time with God for my husband. I spent most of my night last night thinking about how I could better manage my time and how I need to let go of some distractions in order to fully pray for my husband on a daily basis. Jim needs as much prayer as I do on a daily basis, without God I wouldnt make it in my day. But thankfully God has blessed us to be a one income family so I dont have the stress of a job or employees to deal with or even clients on a daily basis, but Jim does. I need to carve that time out to pray about that and anything else I may see that he is struggling with from day to day. I am sure that it would impact his daily life away from home a lot more than I realize. 

Do you spend time just specifically praying for your Husband? How do you free yourself from distractions so you can wholeheartedly spend that time with God?

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