Wednesday, August 14, 2013

{A glance of our week & Some New Studies as a Group}

Wow! We are halfway through the week already! This week marks our first week of our 4th year of homeschooling! We chose to mix up a lot this year with using a new curriculum, changing how we school a bit, and adding a few new studies for us as a group for some learning.

We are using Sonlight Multi-Subject programs for 3rd, 1st, and Pre-K 4/5 this year. So far we are absolutely LOVING it. I was really excited and so were the kids to use something new for this year, my favorite parts are that its really laid out and the activities are really easy to do. I have had no complaints so far with the program. Gaby our 3rd graders favorite parts so far into the program are math, art, and reading. She loves doing Teaching Textbooks on the computer for math, she told me it was so much fun! Andrew loves all of his subjects but his favorite so far is science. Isaiah loves it all, he is just excited about having his own little bit of work to do.

I chose this year to do Art as a group instead of having each child do their own program like in previous years. All of my children love drawing and are good at it for their ages, I chose to use the book Drawing With Children by Mona Brookes, I read a ton of reviews and I looked through the book a few times in previous years and decided this year to finally use it for our Art lessons. Today our lesson was dots and circles, knowing the differences, the kids had fun with that and I will show photos of that in our Friday Recap of pictures for you guys.

Another subject I chose to do as a group is our Nature Study. I find that all my children love nature, but in very different ways and of course they see things very differently as we all do. Some books I chose for that part of our day are the following:

We do something each day together for our nature study, and each child has a nature journal of their own to record things in.

My biggest struggle for this year was choosing what to do for our Bible Time during Morning Meeting. The kids abilities vary in age and I want them to do things together rather than make it something we do one on one, so I chose a devotion called Grace For The Moment: 365 Devotions For Kids. I read each days devotion to the kids and then we discuss it as a group, and ask questions and share how we feel about the devotion as a group. We also discuss the bible verse too, and talk about how we can implement that into our days. The kids really like doing this together and I really feel us doing it together helps them all.

Overall our week has been going wonderful, homeschooling is such a joy and blessing. I am so grateful that I am blessed enough to be able to teach my children at home and get to watch them grow and learn. Sonlight in just 3 days has changed our view of schooling and my childrens love of learning! I am so happy.

Hows your week going so far? Are you back to homeschooling yet? What changes did you make for this year for your own family and learning?

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  1. "Sonlight in just 3 days has changed our view of schooling and my children's love of learning!"

    Wow. Thank you so much for sharing this on your blog. How incredibly encouraging! May your family continue to grow in the joy of learning together as you keep on your homeschooling journey.



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