Monday, August 26, 2013

A New Routine For Me!

Happy Monday YallI hope each and every one of you are having a great and happy start to your week! Can you believe that its the last week of August?! Where did this month go? I can say that its been a challenging month for me, well the past few months have actually, I have some health related issues and switched up some medication and its taken me a bit to get all used to it again.

Yesterday I posted about how I really, really, really need a routine/schedule for myself, well after much thinking and praying after that post, and more thinking while I showered and painted my toenails for the first time in ages I have came up with something that just might work for me, and I want to be transparent and share it with you guys too, maybe it will help one of yall and that would just make us all feel a bit better.

My New Routine:

5 am: Wake up, shower, and get ready
6 am:  Devotional or Bible, and Personal Prayer Time with God, Coffee
7 am: Kids are stirring by now so get them started on their morning chores and Breakfast time for them
8 am:  Check my online mess
8:45am:  Get on down to our learning space and grab any last minute things we will need for our morning
9am-11am:  Learning Time/Schooling
11am-11:30am: Break for a snack and drinks
11:30am-1pm: Finish up our schooling for the day
1pm-4pm: Lunchtime and Read Aloud, Quiet Time for Kids, Bits of Cleaning for Mom {this is already wrote in my planner by day and cleaning spot}, Check anything on the computer of choice, decide on dinner if need be, make any phone calls if need be
4pm-5pm: Playtime with the kids of their choice
5pm-6pm: Misc cleanup for the kids and Mom, and cook dinner
6-7 pm: Jim arrives home and its’ time for dinner, cleanup after dinner, run dishwasher
7-8pm: kids Bath time and stories before bed
8pm: Bedtime for kids
8pm-10pm: finish anything I need to finish , make a trip to the library if need be {thankfully ours is only 3 minutes away and open until 9pm} and spend time with Jim until I go to bed at 10pm

Now obviously this is apt for changing if need be, it is also flexible for those days I have something to do like errands or doctor appointments if we have them, I am not one who obviously can change things at any moment and adapt, but with this plan I can cover all the bases I want and need to in the day, which actually makes my life much easier and shoulders feel a bit lighter.

What does this plan look like to you? How do you schedule your days as a Mom? How does your day differ now then maybe a few months ago?  Id love to hear your thoughts! Have a great Monday!

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