Friday, August 09, 2013

{Choosing books for my children and our learning time}

As a homeschooling mom of 4 little ones, I am always on the hunt for good reading material. Books are one of the most important items in our homeschool. My children love to read and be read to, on top of that I love reading to them, its’ that wonderful precious time that I get to cuddle and hold them and have them laying around listening to the story. We also have family who loves to send the kids books, mainly my Mom who they call Nanah. She sends books to the kids in almost every box she mails from NC. I love those boxes, its like Christmas for us.

However, with the love of reading and learning, and the love of books around, I have to choose them wisely. Some parents let their children read whatever they choose to read, I am not one of those parents, I am very picky when it comes to my kids reading books. We go to the library a lot and I find books here and there at thrift shops and goodwill but that doesn’t mean I buy every book I find that my kids may love.

In order for the book to be welcomed to our family it must have/not have the following:
  • No profanity, period. I will not buy or read a book with curse words.
  • It must have pictures, this now only applies to my boys who are 6 and under.
  • It must have a decent word count, I really don’t find those books with one word per page fun to read, and they don’t aquire my kids attention well.
  • Word count, no I don’t count every word in the book, however it must have some words that tell some type of story, my boys can handle simple to intermediate books that don’t last more than 10 minutes, while my daughter can handle more challenging books that take a bit of time to read.
  • No board books. They get chewed on by little people and ate, or the dog chews them, so no board books if I can help it, I have gotten rid of our collection of board book since Oliver is now 18 months old, there are still a few around the house that I keep finding and will toss as I find them.
  • No books with killing/death, I will cross that bridge when it comes in life, but not through a book that is literally about death. I have seen these tons of times in the free kindle books on amazon and in the kids books on there and I am just astonished at how they explain it.
  • No books about homosexual relationships, period. This goes against our beliefs.
  • I avoid twaddle as Charlotte Mason calls is as much as possible, I allow some but not many books that are just for fun, I want my children to read and learn something from the books, but I do allow some books that are just for fun.

As a parent and a homeschooling mom at that I believe reading and books are one of the most important tools in learning for children, it is a tool they will use for the rest of their lives. I try my best to supply wholesome books and fun books at that, that they will love to read and will cherish that time with me as much as I do them.

How do you choose books for your children and your homeschool? Any tips you would like to share on selecting books for a preschooler, 1st grader, and 3rd grader?

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