Wednesday, August 28, 2013

{Emotions, Fall, & Upcoming Posts}

As I sit here and type this it’s around 9:45pm,  its really quiet except for the fans running to push the cool night air through the house {We have no real AC here, we just have 2 window units and open the windows at night when its cool}, the kids are finally all sleeping, Molly girl is laying at my feet in front of the sofa, and even Jim is in bed, Gaby our daughter is laying on the other end of the sofa sleeping, she hasn’t been sleeping well and so I offered her to sleep upstairs in the living room so she is close to me if she needs something.  

Our day was long, well actually our week has been long. Today was the longest day though, the kids were all in some type of odd moods from whining to just breaking down and crying, I am wasn’t sure what to do today with all the crazy emotions around here. Gaby is 8 and she is slowing trying to figure out how to handle her own emotions, Andrew was my whiner all day who complained about every single thing, Isaiah just pushed my buttons , and Oliver is teething so its been nice here. I am sure you have this vivid image of me being tugged in nine hundred directions all day and you would be right. I took the van to get a new battery at Jim’s work, and walked into Wal-Mart for maybe 15 minutes only to have the older boys trying on all the sunglasses and begging to get them all while I was looking at things, of course that didn’t go well when I said no, but hey, they cant have everything. We quickly left when they all melted into tears, I figured well maybe they all just need some naps, so home we came and naps it was, but that didn’t change anything, my evening was full of the emotions still. Right now is the first time my house has been tear free all day, it quite amazing.

I have thought a lot of this coming Fall and what I would love to do with my family, myself, and my blog. I have thought about what topics I really want to discuss with you guys and which ones I should just pass, however this is just a online journal for me, and so maybe I should share more. There are a few things I have been thinking about and planning that I haven’t mentioned yet and will do so at a later date.  I have thought a lot about my relationship with God and where I want that to go now and how I want to write about where I am being led, you know that is one of the toughest topics for me write about?! I also have some beauty things coming up that I want to touch base on here. My brain is somewhat a jumble of things from all the craziness today, I have a million and one lists going on in there. 

So heres a question for you all, what do you want to see on my blog this coming season of Fall? Please share your ideas with me, I really want to appeal to you all and see what things maybe you are more interested in hearing about from me.

I hope you all have a great Thursday! Goodnight!

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