Sunday, August 25, 2013

How do you plan a schedule/routine for yourself?

Today I am going to admit I have a routine/schedule issue. There I admit it, I know its a problem, now my issue is trying to fix it. I grew up going to a public school, I was on what is called the bell schedule, after school I had soccer practice, then it was home for dinner and homework, etc before bed which was at 9pm, thanks to my father.

Today however I have a issue with a routine and scheduling because I am a stay at home mom, I just kind of go about my day with no schedule, I have a million and one things to do and thousands of things that really really need to be done, however I dont even know how to plan a routine or schedule for myself. I drag myself out of bed sometime between 7am 8am it differs on days because the kids wake up at different time and I will stay in bed until Jim leaves for work which is closer to 8am, once I get up I have coffee and check e-mails, run a quick look through bloglovin and then its a shower and off to do school for the kids, I dont even get ready most days and the days I do its while they have quiet time and by that point its just a waste of product. Now I know my children could care less what I look like ever, they always say I am pretty or my hair looks great, and it may but I want to feel pretty, which entails me putting my face on, which most days I do not.

My other issue is that obviously without a schedule my days a misc of cleaning here or there and laundry just gets done but not folded until 3-4 days later which means some people mostly me are living out of the clean clothes basket with wrinkles, or in my sweats which are by the way very comfy but I dont want to wear them every single day.

I read tons of blogs and I do mean tons, I tend to read them when the kids are napping or before bed, that is my self time, however most of these moms either get ready or dont, but they have a schedule, most are up before the sun, I will say this I am not a morning person, however that is changeable, that is something that became a learned behavior while I was in high school and has never left me, I am a total night owl. I also set my alarm for 5am but never hear it and its the loudest thing in the world, if I do I just seem to turn it off and never get up.

I have tried going to bed earlier, around 10pm, but I dont sleep good and then I still dont wake up with the chickens. I have printed and wrote countless schedules for myself however I never seem to follow them or do them, I want a cleaning schedule which I have made in my planner and do plan to do it, however I need a morning schedule

So, today I am asking you my dear readers, how can I fix my morning routine? What do you do to set yourself on a routine for your days? How has it worked/not worked?  Do you have any sites online that may help me along the way?

Thanks for your lovely advice!

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