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Mineral Fusion Cosmetics: A Review

Have you heard of Mineral Fusion Cosmetics?  If you shop at a Whole Foods Market I am sure you have seen the little display of this brand. I had made a trip to Whole Foods about a Month ago just to go and have a browse around, I like to look at things and can window shop like no other. The day I had gone they had a display for kids up which contained little bags of cookies, pretzels, water, and stickers for kids to have while they browsed around with their parents, of course my 4 little people had to stop in on that and it was the talk of the day for about a week. Anyways, I really like looking at Health and Beauty products and thought to check their items out. I came across Mineral Fusion along with a few other things, and once I got home I thought about contacting the company to see if they would be interested in supplying me some items for review, lucky enough a really sweet PR woman e-mailed me back and within about a week or so I had a few nice goodies to try out and share with you guys!

Inside my nice little baggy of goodies were the following:
A handwritten note to me from a super nice PR of the Mineral Fusion Company
A packet which explained some info for my review
4 Nail Lacquers
1 Blush
1 Duo Bronzer
1 Duo Concealer
1 Lipgloss

Obviously I was thrilled and touched everything a million times! I am sure my husband and best friend thought I was crazy but I love makeup and love natural makeup products even more!

So without further ado here are my thoughts on the goodies sent to me!

I received the color Neutral, this color I would say would fit woman with medium skin tones. It comes in a really coppery bronze package with a clear lid for easy viewing. It is 0.11 oz/3.1 g. The color actually worked really well for me and blended nicely together. I used both colors and blended them onto my eye area which is where I have the most issues.  It lasted really well, the only thing I really noticed with longevity is that if you live in a humid or hot place it will crease and show your under eye lines, or at least in my case it did due to weather and humidity from rain.  The only big drawback I have is the amount you get with this product, I would have liked something a bit bigger in size and in a pot like many other concealers out there, however that is just my personal preference. This item retails for $24.99 at your local Whole Foods Market and other fine health food stores and Online at  {Available Colors: Cool Deep Neutral and Warm}

I was really excited about this item in general because I am big lover of bronzers.  I had absolutely no complaints with this bronzer, it has became a staple for me. I love love love the more gold color because to me it’s a color you can wear all year round.  The darker color that is in the duo is great for summer and although I love it just as much I find I use the more gold color the most because I love the sparkle it has.  This product is 0.29 oz/8.4g which is actually a really nice size, it compares well in size to other brands on the market. It comes in a coppery bronze compact and inside has a mirror for easy use.  This product retails for $29.99 at your local Whole Foods Market and other fine health food stores and Online at {Available Colors: Luster and Sparkle}

Blush, is something everyone should own. I love blush just as much as bronzer.  I receive the shade Airy and its actually a very beautiful color. This color to me is more of a color you wear for Fall/Winter, and I love that it came considering it’s almost Fall. The color reminds me of a deep pink/light plum color with really pretty sparkle in it.  The packaging is just like the concealer duo above its coppery bronze with a clear lid for easy view, its 0.10 oz/3.0g , to me it’s a bit smaller then some others but that could just be the fact its in a round package and not your typical square/rectangular one. I really liked this product and will be using it a lot this Fall/Winter. This item retails for $21.99 at your local Whole Foods Market and other fine food retailers and of course online at {Available Colors: Airy, Creation, Flashy, Impact, Pale, and Trace}

Lip gloss, it’s a love/hate relationship with me. I really love the colors but seem to hate the texture of it on my lips, I don’t like the sticky feeling. I typically wear lipsticks or chap sticks instead. I was a bit scared to try this product because of other failures in this area, however I really did like this product. It didn’t give me that sticky feeling, it lasted a good while, and the color was beautiful. Again to me this is more of a Fall/Winter color which is perfect for the current time it is. I will be using this so much during the Fall/Winter months.  The color is a rosy pink color and perfect for fair/medium skin tones.  The packaging is skinny and about 4-5 inches long, the bottom is clear which shows the color and the top is that coppery/bronze color., you get 0.135 fl oz/4 mL of product. The applicator is soft and not hard like others.  This item retails for $11.99 at your local Whole Foods Market and other fine food retailers and online at {Available Colors: Captivate, Clarity, Dazzle, Gleam, Serene, and Sheen}

All of the products above have a Formula Purity that was within my packet which states the following:

  • Gluten Free
  • All Natural
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Never tested on animals
  • Paraben, Artifical Color, Talc, & Fragrance Free
  • 100% Vegetarian

I love nail polish. I typically do not paint my fingernails but I do paint my toenails more often than not. I believe I got a range of colors, and I like that. My absolute favorite of the 4 is Vintage Pearl, I like its white with a hint of pink in it, it looks really pretty on and is a color that is year round. The Crimson Clay is the perfect Winter color because is a gorgeous red, the Rockfall also falls into the Winter colors for me because it’s a beautiful deep blue color, and the Sunkissed color is the perfect coral shade. I didn’t have one thing about these polishes I didn’t like, I will be using them until they are gone I am sure.  The bottles are clear with the coppery/bronze lid, the back has a sticker with the name of the color on it, the product amount is 0..33 fl oz/10 mL which to me is a good size. This item retails for $7.99 at your local Whole Foods Market and other fine food retailers and online at  {They currently have 30+ regular nail shades and 31 shades in their Spring/Summer line} Mineral Fusion Nail Polish is 100% Vegan and free of Formaldehyde, toluene, camphor, dibutyl phthalate.

I really loved all the products I got to try, and I hope that my review helps someone else out there who is looking for a really awesome alternative to makeup. Mineral Fusion is one brand I will be looking more at when buying my own makeup and I really hope to see more from this brand and wider variety of shades in the future. One of my biggest hopes is that they take the gold color from the Luster Bronzer and make a Bronzer/Blush duo in the future!  Please, please, please check out their site and snag yourself some goodies to try out, if you are in need of a natural makeup line this is one of the best I have came across. They are worth a shot you may not like everything but you may find something you really love! 

I also would love to say a special Thank You to the sweet lady who supplied me with these items for review, thank you, thank you, thank you! I loved it all!

{Disclaimer: The items mentioned in this post were supplied for this review by the Mineral Fusion Company, all thoughts and opinions herein are that of my own}

Makeup Loves and Many Blessings from me to you!

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