Thursday, August 15, 2013

{Oliver: 21 Months}

Oliver is 21 Months old. I cannot believe it. I remember being 38 weeks pregnant with this little boy whom at the time we didnt know who he was yet, we had chose to let this pregnancy be a surprise and find out when the baby was born who it was, it turned out to be a healthy 8lb 8oz little boy! I was thrilled, he was perfect. I didnt know at that time how much he would change my life as a parent. I remember bringing him home on a cool November day in 2011, just before Thanksgiving. I was relieved that my husband would be home for a week to help with the other kids and give me time to soak up this precious baby. I was excited to see who he was and how his personality was. Turns out he added a lot to our family.

Oliver is a happy, healthy, handsome little boy full of energy and humor. He loves making you laugh and is full of hugs and kisses. He is has a mind of his own and is not afraid to show it, he knows what he wants and loves being independent. He is your typical boy who loves the dirt, trucks, and snacks of all sorts. He loves being cuddled, and knowing what you are doing all the time.  He loves music and dancing, and reading books, he is currently figuring out how to color on things, hopefully it will stay on paper. He sleeps all night most nights, but still sometimes finds his way to my bed for a late night cuddle. He sleeps with his blanket and still rubs his face with the corner of it to fall asleep. His favorite snack is currently animal cookies, and he loves his juice and milk. He has figured out how to feed himself at meals and will try to share his food with you, and Molly our dog at any chance he gets. Speaking of the dog, Oliver and Molly are like 2 peas in a pod, they are always into trouble together, its actually pretty funny, once you look back on it.

Today while we were doing school Oliver crawled over to my lap, I was sitting in the floor so he curled up between my legs and fell asleep. I was reading a book to Andrew our oldest son, and looked down to see him just snoozing away. My heart melted completely and God told me to cherish that moment, for they grow too fast. I know He is right, they do grow too fast. I was so thankful to get that unexpected time with Oliver napping on me, some days its the smallest thing that makes your day, and the smallest things in my life are my children, and they make every day of mine a great day.

I am so thankful that God chose me to be Olivers mom, I would never have expected such a beautiful amazing little boy when I was pregnant with him, I would have bet you it was a girl, but thinking of it now, I wouldnt trade Oliver for any little girl out there, he will forever be my little boy, and I love him so so much. 

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