Sunday, August 04, 2013

{The Weekend & Plans}

What a weekend! Our weekend consisted of cleaning the house, shampooing the basement carpet, and lots of laundry washing-folding-putting awaying…The little people of the house pretty much hung around indoors because of all the rain we have been getting. It has literally rained everyday for the past week, yesterday I had ran to the library to pick up some things and return others and before I could get back to my car it was pouring rain, flooding the roads actually. This morning it was really humid and this afternoon it has rained and rained.

On another note, I can finally say that I have ordered our homeschool books for the year, I chose Sonlight this time around and we will see how it goes, it looks more geared towards my kids learning styles and interests so it will be fun learning something new for us all. Nothing makes it official like pushing the purchase button though; it was a big relief for me!

My plans this week:
  • I need to go through some old schooling materials and toss things we no longer will need
  • Make a book list for the kids and myself
  • Plan some family field trips
  • Rearrange our learning space and clean desks
  • Make Oliver a little area in our learning space all his own
  • Decide on what all needs some major upcoming Fall Cleaning
  • Clean the laundry room
  • Look through Netflix for some educational shows/movies for the kids for the year and make a list of them
  • Finish reading my book and start another
  • Rearrange the closets and change out some clothing locations since Fall is around the corner
  • Make a Grocery Shopping List

Looks crazy huh?! I will be busy, its always busy around here before we start our year back, I tend to go on some mass cleaning sprees and reorganizing things to make my life a bit easier. At least I can say that I have already ordered our curriculum so that is one less thing to have to worry about, now to just wait for box day, that will be so exciting!

What are you up to this week? Hows the weather looking your way? 

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  1. Uuugh, can't stand it when it rains for days. Dark and dreary stinks. :/

    I haven't been on much, we've been enjoying summer. I see you've decided to homeschool again, wow!! Hope it's a good fit this time! :)

    You'll be busy with the kids, but I've heard great things about Sonlight. :)


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