Sunday, September 01, 2013

Currently I Am & Sundays!

AAAHHH, its Sunday! I can honestly say that I love Sundays, they are the quietest days in my house. I woke up with Oliver this morning around 7:15am and we made us some breakfast, shortly after that the my other little people woke up around 7:45am and wanted something to eat. They had all slept downstairs last night, we typically let them have a "sleepover" on the weekends and usually they make a tent but they didnt do that last night.

My morning has been nice, I have started laundry, done dishes, and changed some things on my blog. I am trying to get ready for this week with our learning and then other things I want to do. We are on Sonlights Week 4 with all the kids, and they are loving it. I am not sure what this week holds but I am sure it will be just as fun. I have some watercolor crafts for the kids which I will be posting on here for you guys, and then we have our nature study, its been going good, I think this week we will just capture the last bits of Summer in our journals, and then move on to something else.

I have a few things in the beauty department of my life to try out and hopefully I will be able to share those with you guys as well.

Now onto my Currents for you all who like those!

Reading: My So Called Life As A Submissive Wife by Sara Horn {Kindle Edition}

Pondering: Submission, the way God wants wives to be towards their husbands

Singing: Hosanna by Hillsong United

Serving: God

Listening: to the sounds of the dishwasher going and every so often a sound from the kids who are playing downstairs.

Planning: Our nature study and art study for the week

Giving: my time to my family more now then ever, especially my husband who really needs it

Feeling: peace

Strengthening: my knowledge of God and how I should be as a woman

Loving: obviously my family, but I am also loving being able to branch out a bit in my makeup

Writing: a few blog posts

Wanting: some new makeup I have seen pop up in the drugstores lately

Reviewing: a few books, and a couple beauty items

Thinking: that I really need to get to a few other things around the house

Excited For: The day, God blessed me with another day with my family, I am embracing it

Thankful For: my life

I hope you all have a great Sunday too!

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