Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Fall, Changes, & Remembering...

Fall is really upon us now.

The weather has really changed the past 2 days, its went from bright and sunny to cool and rainy.

Today was spent cleaning. I re-did Gaby's bedroom and replaced the study for Jim & I.

Its was a ton of work, but very much a blessing in the end. 

Today is also the remembrance of 9/11...I remember that day like the back of my hand.

I was in math class in 8th grade. I had the goofiest teacher ever, Mr. Brown, the class I was in always picked on him because he wore Birkenstock style sandals with socks, he had long hair too, he was a young teacher but such a fun one. Someone came and told him what was going on and then the tv was turned on and we all watched, and cried for fear of what was happening and the many possibilities of what could happen. I remember my mom coming to pick me up early, and for a long time after the talk of what had happened. I was only 12 at that time. I cannot believe it was that long ago, it seems like it was yesterday. 

I want to say to all those families who lost a loved one on that day, I am so truly sorry for your loss, I hope that time has healed your heart and that you can cherish the memories you had with your loved one, I want to personally thank all of the men and women who bravely searched and rescued the many Americans who suffered in that tragedy, and lastly I want to thank the men and women who bravely fight for the land I love so dearly, and our freedom on a daily basis. You are the true heroes of America, thank you! 

I wish everyone a wonderful evening...Please pray for our Troops! 


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