Monday, September 02, 2013

Fun At Target...

Today me and Amber loaded up the kids and made a trip out to Target, she had to grab some new shoes for work and well since Target and Payless are in the same parking lot you know we couldnt pass that one up.

We made the first pit stop at the Dollar Section for the kids to pick them a little goody for themselves, the boys got these little finger bullet launchers, they are really neat, Gaby got a doctors kit. That made them thrilled so I could look around the isles. I had a little list of things I needed to pick up but first I wanted to check the makeup sections and see what was new in those isles of goodies. I found 3 eye liners by Rimmel London, and a White Rimmel Scandal Eyes eye shadow stick. A lot of people have raved about these and i decided since Fall was coming I would try them out, they are all very Fallish colors.

Rimmel London Soft Kajal Eyeliner in White; Rimmel London Scandaleyes in White; Rimmel London Scandaleyes Eyeliner in Nude & Taupe

Now, as were walking around I seen a can of hairspray on clearance, I picked it up to see how much it was and it was the funniest moment of my day, the clearance sticker was great. Apparently they are trying to haggle some more money off us loyal shoppers by upping the price instead of dropping it, whomever tagged this item needs to take another math class I am afraid...this just made my morning. I got a great laugh and thought you may too. I hope y'all had a great Monday! 

Much Love & Many Blessings, Kristen

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