Thursday, September 19, 2013

I Homeschool; I am far from supermom!

Today we were out doing some shopping, and I had to make a return, the lady doing the return asked how old my crew was and what school they went to, she was a bit shocked once I said that I homeschool them, all 3 of the oldest kids anyways. Her reaction got me thinking while finishing up my trip out about how many people are shocked when someone says they homeschool. Its like a foreign language and you get those big eyes of shock, with a semi grin. I know I am not the only homeschooling momma who deals with this. I was sort of in shock too since a lot of people who homeschool live where we do, its not that foreign, well not to me anyways.

Well after I get those looks from people I tend to get the statement "You sure have your hands full with all 4 of them"; along with that I usually get the question of "How do you do it all and stay sane?" 

I am going to tell you my secret, are you ready? Its a BIG shocker, I know those of you who homeschool will not be surprised by this...I DONT WEAR A CAPE, I AM NOT SUPERMOM! I know, I know, its a huge shocker right? I am sure you about fell out of your seat in pure shock!

I am however just your everyday, average Momma who loves all of her children so much her heart just melts, who wants the very BEST for their education, and wants to actually know my children as people and friends.

My house isnt always clean, it gets picked up and I do a major clean/purge every 4 weeks. The laundry is usually washed but I may have a couple baskets that need folding on Saturday. Their may be little "gifts" from my toddler all over the house like marks on the wall, the toilet paper in the toilet, or the kitchen drawer open with him sitting in it laughing...The kids rooms arent always tidy, we sometimes wear PJ's all day in the winter to do school, sometimes we have movie days instead of textbooks, and the library ladies know us personally.

With every new year of homeschooling my kids I find more and more out about myself, and I find even more out about my children. Our family made the decision to homeschool a long time ago when our oldest was only 4, it wasnt a overnight choice, it was a lifelong decision for our childrens education. I am not saying that public schools arent good {our local one isnt perfect and is in a not so great area} and I dont think every homeschool is perfect either, I do think however that whatever educational choices you make for your kids is one you make with a lot of thought, prayer, and research. My homeschool is perfect for my children, just as your schooling choice is perfect for your children. I also believe that every homeschool mom is different and how you school your children wont be the same as another, nor will your priorities. People have a misconception of why homeschoolers choose to homeschool in the first place, they feel that its because of religious reasons or because we feel we are better or more qualified than a teacher at a public school, the 2nd of the two is somewhat true for us as homeschooling  moms, we do know our children better, but that doesnt mean we wear fancy capes and everything in our lives is perfect all the time, our homes are usually never dirt free, we dont make everything from scratch, our children are not always well mannered, and we do socialize with many ranges of people of many ages. 

I know for one I am not perfect, nor will I ever be, I also wasnt born a octopus with 8 eight arms, I am just like you with only 2, I do know however that I try my best to be a great mom, not supermom.

Its learning to balance and finding a way to handle your priorities each day, spending time in prayer with God asking for the patience of Job and a pure open heart for the day at hand. It takes time, its not overnight that you will find the perfect balance, and once you do at some point it will need changing as your family changes and grows, but remember to be the best mom you can and toss that cape in the trash hun, its not flattering!

Homeschooling, like Motherhood, takes the strength you get from God, you wont be able to do it on your own or by what others do, you have to trust in God and know He knows the steps He has laid for you and your family. There will be days where things dont go as planned, and you may have some dirt and crumbs on the floor, the dishes may not be done yet and dinner may still be tumbling around your head,  but those are the BEST days of all, the unplanned, unsuper days...

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