Thursday, September 26, 2013

Keeping a little Summer in Fall...For Moms!

As a mom of 4 little people I am always on the hunt to find something that is simple yet pretty to go into my beauty and fashion collection. I want things that are versatile in all seasons yet functional for me in this stage of life. So, today I want to share with you some of my staples for stepping from Summer to Fall. 

In the makeup department I tend to stick with what works best for me personally. I have a light to medium skin tone pretty much all year long, I also battle a red patches on my cheeks from from acne when I was pregnant, so for me in the stepping into Fall means I want a little more coverage than some people do. 

Primer: Pixi Redness Reducing Primer; This stuff works wonders on my face, its a bit costly at $28 but to me its worth it. I am a self conscious about my looks in general and the bright red sticking out like a sore thumb is not my idea of a put together face. This item is available at most Target stores.

Foundation: In Fall I tend to go for a bit thicker coverage but I still want that light weight feeling I had all Summer, I just switch up from a liquid foundation or BB Cream to a Mousse Foundation. Thus far my Holy Grail item would be the Boots Mousse Foundations, they retired one formula and came out with a new one recently that is a available for us in the US on Boots US Site. Its around $14, and totally worth it. 

Concealer: I fell in love this past spring with Boots Radiant Glow Concealer, and I its now my staple. It works, doesnt crease, and lasts. Its about $13 but they are having a sale and its only $8 on the Boots US Site.

Setting Powder: I hate when my face feels cakey from a powder, so I opted to switch up to the Mineral Fusion Setting Powder, it has a translucent finish and is as light as air. I love this stuff! However I think any old brand would do, but make sure you grab setting powder not just powder.

For a nice Summer to Fall eyeshadow pallet I would opt for the New Pixi pallet at Target, it has 16 shadows, 3 blushers, a highlighter, and a bronzer. Th is little kit wold be great for on the go in your purse. I love mine and it has amazing summer to fall shadows. Another great eyeshadow duo I love is the Simply Vera Vera Wang found at Kohls, the one pictured is #409 which is a light pink on one side and a beautiful copper on the other, its amazing for summer and fall. For eyeliner I tightline my upper lashline to make my eyelashes look fuller, it an amazing beauty tip, I love the Pixi Eyeliner in Black, its felt tip and found at Target. On to lips, my favorite brand is by far Boots No 7 lipsticks, I have the entire collection, but for Summer into Fall I would suggest their sheer pinks and of course the shade Love Red, you never know when you will want a nice red lip, all shades are found at most Target stores. For a blush that is great in Summer and Fall I would suggest the Simply Vera Vera Wang Blusher in #311, its a peachy color but works great for both seasons because its a peach tone. I dislike very red, pinky cheeks so this shade works great, it too is found at most Kohls stores or their online site. Lastly lets talk hair, one thing I noticed that was really hot over Summer was the beachy wave trend, now this is a staple trend in my opinion because we as moms dont have a lot of time to do our hair every single day, we have little wild people to deal with, if you grab some organix sea salt spray and spray it on your damp hair and scrunch it, it works wonders, and its only about $6 at your local drugstores. Great hair styler to use on the go. 

On to some accessories:

One of my favorite beauty staples is accessories, you can dress up anything with some cute accessories. My favorite jewelry line is at Kohls, its the LC Lauren Conrad Collection, she designs such great fun jewelry and its a good price because Kohls always has their stuff for sale and grant coupons, its a win win really. I have tons of this brand in my own jewelry stash and love it. Not to mention a lot of it is in gold, so it works for both Summer and Fall. Another trend that a lot of ladies love is the aztec trend, however me personally I dont want something too aztec looking, I want just a pop, so I found it in a wallet, you can snag the above wallet at Target for $13, a steal, and to go with the wallet you can snag a new purse that is a gorgeous gold tone, who can resist that?! You can always use a purse upgrade, you know when the baby spits up on yours or your kids juice just happens to turn upside down when thrown into the floor of the car...And lastly something that is always fun to add to sweats or jeans is a scarf, the above one was found at Old Navy, its a multi color scarf of tan, white, grey, and gold. It would go with anything really and its a simple fix to looking like a hip Momma! 

I hope you ladies loved what I showed you today and now you know how simple it is to step into another season that works for all seasons. Its affordable and will work well for the stage of life you are in! Have a great Thursday! 

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