Friday, September 27, 2013

Women Living Well-Finding your joy in God, Your Man, Your Kids, & Your Home {A Booksneeze Review}

Women Living Well, great title huh?! I know as a Christian Wife & Mother I want to live well. I want to live fully within God, wholly within my marriage, and beautifully in motherhood. I strive everyday to do my best here on Earth, and leave a mark on each day that I was given by my wonderful Heavenly Father.

One of my biggest obstacles as a woman in general is all the other women out there that make me feel oh so small. I see all these women who do a million and one things each day, cook all meals from scratch, look like they’ve never had children, have according to them faultless husbands, are well known within their church, have the straight A students, and at the end of the day just look miserable. I think about the mind battles they like me face each day. We as women in today’s world are told that its not possible to stay home and raise or even school our children, being a homemaker makes you the goody two shoes type, old fashioned. Does it make you that stereotype or does it make you a Woman of God?...

Within the pages of Women Living Well, Courtney expresses some hard topics that we as women face on a day to day basis. She opens up about her own life and choices and completely shares Jesus on every page.
I have followed the Women Living Well Blog for a few years now and never leave there discouraged, I feel uplifted, cared for, and fed by the words from that blog and now the words within the book.

Courtney is a wonderful woman who loves God, her husband, and her children more than life itself. She is strives each day to do the best she can and keep those old fashioned values that she learned growing up, if more women today put more effort in the old fashioned than the modern the world would be a little better.

I recommend this book to any woman out there, if your single, engaged, married, etc, please get a copy and really sink into the book and there is so much value within the pages and so much good for the heart!

Thank you Courtney for being a Real Woman who is not afraid to keep those old fashioned values, express your love freely, and be the wonderful woman of God you are. You have really touched my life and helped me become a better woman in my own walk within life.

You can snag a copy of this book on Amazon.

{Disclaimer: I received this book for free through Booksneeze in exchange for a honest review on my blog; all thoughts and opinions herein are that of my own.}

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