Friday, October 18, 2013

Friday Favorites Number One...

Happy Friday! Today I am sharing some of my favorites from the week with you. I will in advance apologize for any cursing in the video, its usually bleeped out but sometimes its not, and the joke overall is funny. If anything here offends you I am sorry please just know that is not my intention, I am only sharing some of the things I found and laughed at during the week! Hope y'all have an amazing Friday! 

Seriously, I seen this on Pinterest one day earlier in the week and actually tried it, how dumb can one be?! Funny thing is I tried it on my husband last night and he actually tried it too, I died laughing! We are not the smartest in the world I guess at more obvious things! 

Jim was watching Star Wars the other night, he has such a geeky side to him that you wouldnt ever guess was there until you decide to watch movies/tv with him...I seen this and thought of him...and a joke a stand up comedian preformed about arguments in a grocery store...gotta love Dane Cook

This just reminded me of High School in the South...sigh, a lot of people were delusional!

Since the kids started school a few weeks ago now and I am the one who takes them and picks them up each day I have seen A LOT of people who just dont take care of themselves. It actually surprises me how little women care to take 15-30 minutes each morning for themselves, they come in pajamas, too little or too much clothing, some even wear slippers. I am amazed. I see these same people come to pick up their kids in the afternoons looking this same way...sometimes I want to just take fliers and offer to do their makeup for them, not in a insulting way but as a your a mom and you havent lost yourself, lets find her way. I just wish more women felt good about themselves and took the time to show it!

I fell in love with this quote, I wish more men would do this. It saddens me how many men say they love a woman but are lusting in other ways, whether it be emotionally, mentally, or physically. Making the choice to love her and choose her each day is something that will be hard, but it will be so much more fulfilling in the end, and you will be so loved and respected by her! 

Ah, and lastly I have a quote from no other than Betty White, I literally have no words, just none! True Story right there!

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