Sunday, October 27, 2013

How To Beat Those Dry Winter Feet...

Dry cracked heels are usually a sign that some pampering is in order. Like most women or moms, I tend to wear flip flops year round, that results in really bad dry cracked heels no matter what I tend to do to my feet. I have used numerous foot lotions, scrubs, peels, soaks, and wax foot baths over the years and nothing has helped. My husband likes to compare my feet to sandpaper and when we get in bed he will rub my feet with his leg and laugh, its funny but still it can make you feel somewhat bad or embarrassed. So, I have done a lot of researching online and looking for the best thing to use and is cost efficient too because I dont have the spare time or cash flow to go to a spa or nail place each week, I need something I can do at home that is easy, but lets you have results. I have finally found it, and I am sharing it with you today! 

The solution I have if done correctly will give you good results, but I am sure will work differently for everyone, our bodies are all different and obviously wont have the same result, but trust me it will help out amazingly.  Original Source I found online HERE...below is what I have done! 

I am going to say that I am NOT a doctor, I do NOT take any responsibility for reactions caused by these products. Please be sure to read the labels of the packages before use. 

Step 1: When your in the shower/bath really use your pumice stone to get any dead skin off your feet. I use a scrub on my pumice stone but its not really needed, it just smells good. 

Step 2: Once out of the shower, apply a intense moisture foot cream to your feet, I used Earth Therapeutics Intensive Heel Repair {I got mine at my local grocery store for $7} its found at most drugstores, sometimes Ross, and you can check it out at Ulta.

Step 3: Once you have applied your foot cream wear socks until bedtime. 

Step 4: Before bed grab a Stridex Pad, they are found in your local drugstore or mass retailer on the face wash isles. I used Stridex Sensitive, rub the pad onto your heels, I used one pad for both feet, toss.

Step 5: Apply Vicks VapoRub Original to your heels like you would your foot cream. 

Step 6: Put your socks back on, you can use the same pair you wore the rest of the day or if your like me and have a dog I change mine before bed because I dont want dog fluff in my bed if I can help it. 

In the morning you should have some pretty soft heels! 

I am not completely sure why this works but it does. I hope you have a wonderful Sunday! Enjoy some pampering time ladies!

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