Thursday, October 03, 2013

Off To School...

This week has been a new one for us. Gaby and Andrew started public school this Tuesday, they are loving it more and more each day. Its fun to hear about their classes and the new friends they have made. Gaby is in 3rd grade and Andrew is in 1st.

All I have at home now is Isaiah and Oliver, its been very quiet this week. We have cleaned, played our hearts out, rode bikes, played with the neighbors, watched Disney movies, and cuddled all day till time to pick up the other 2 little people. Oliver is calming down some finally, he gets along with Isaiah a bit better and has figured out how to be content playing with something for a little longer. 

There of course are some other changes that I am working on as well for myself. I have started a Bible Study which focuses on the Fruits of the Spirit, I love it so far, it really makes you think. I have also took the time to be outside during the day and just think while the kids are taking a nap. Its been really good for me too. I have a lot of changes to make to my own personal self and within my walk with God but I can say that this has been a good change so far, one that is making progress! 

I hope you have a wonderful week too! Many Blessings!

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