Friday, October 11, 2013

Prayer Warriors, Please Pray For Our Family!

Hi everyone, I hope that you are having a great day. This morning my husband Jim was leaving for work and he stopped to ask me that I pray about a potential job that he had applied for a little while ago. This job will remain unspoken as to not cause any bias issues, but he had taken the testing for this job about a month ago, he was supposed to hear from them within 2-3 weeks and so far its been a month with no word from them.

Some of you may remember that 4 years ago this coming February God told Jim to move his family 1500 miles across the country and attend Charis Bible College, now he could have went to any of the branches of this college but God wanted him to personally go to the college that Andrew Wommack taught at. The 2 years Jim attended this college were life changing in many ways, we seen him maybe 30 minutes a day Monday-Friday, and there were times that we didn’t even get that due to school obligations. It was hard and his graduation day came in 2012 with more emotion than I can even express here. Once he graduated he spent many many nights praying about what God wanted him to do, and finally he came to me and expressed that he doesn’t feel God wants him directly in the ministry at this point in life, maybe not ever. God wants us to be in ministry but not directly.

Jim has spent the past 2 years working at a local transmission shop. In May of 2012 he was promoted to Manager, and he pretty much solely runs this business on his own. The business changed hands back in February 2013 and has really not picked back up to a business that is it once was. The current owner decided that if this month, October 2013, didn’t make enough money to profit something he was going to close doors because he has not made a penny at all, he has just caused more of a bill for himself. Some of you may say or think that Jim can just go and get another job, he could back track some and become a tech again at another shop, he could pursue another manager position somewhere, but Jim really wants a career, not a job. His goal is to help people, to teach people something about life, to impact people on a daily basis, but to also do something that would fulfill him too.  He has found that with this potential career that opened up a few months ago.

We have spent months praying and speaking that Jim would get this position, it would really impact our lives as a family, and even the people we meet. We as a family are ready for lifetime stability, less stress, and the opportunity to move around the country as we see fit. We ultimately really want to move back to North Carolina, and live on the beach, but that will be some time. Currently we are focusing on what God wants for Jim in a career.

The neat thing overall in this story is that before we made that move to Colorado almost 4 years ago, God told Jim we would be here for 5 years. If he were to get this job we are really praying for, by the time he started on his own, it would mark 5 years that we have been in Colorado, we would be moving. We find that really amazing.

So, with all of this said, I am asking as his wife, and ultimate prayer partner, for your strong faith and prayer warrior self to join us in prayer for God to open up the doors and hearts of those He needs to and for Jim to hear something good news or bad about this potential job he wants so badly. We want to do what God really wants us to do, and Jim wants to know fully what God wants him to do with his job and where we need to go from here.

Thank you for your help, your prayers, and love for our family.

Hiking with the King,


  1. Prayed and will continue to pray.

  2. Prayers that He lights your path, guides your steps and holds you in His hand.

    I emailed you a couple of weeks ago, hope that all is okay with you. :)


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