Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Storytime, Little Boys, & Snow!

This little boy...is changing. He is growing up more and more each and every single day right before my eyes. He turned 4 in April and is really starting to show his strong personality. He is a very high strung child, he likes to be loud, run around, play ninja's, and fight. He is your very typical boy. 

Since Gaby & Andrew started school a few weeks ago now, I tend to see more a more mellow side of this little boy who we named Isaiah. I dont always get his rough and tumble side, some days, like today I get his sweet, loving, mama's boy side. The side that just wants to be held and cuddled, the side that wants to be read to, the side that wants to sing songs, and the side that really wants to learn through play. Although I no longer homeschool I do take time to "school" Isaiah. We do lots of things together from reading, to arts and crafts. He loves music and making things, building things, and drawing things. Its a not so much textbook style of learning as it is child led learning. Today we decided that since it was really cold outside we would go to the library and find some books and movies for the week. It being Tuesday, it was storytime day. Isaiah and Oliver got to hear 4 stories, and listen to 3 finger plays, they joined in on them too. Afterwards they made a pumpkin hat craft and got to bring it home. It made him really happy to do something like that. Its different now that we dont have the older two joining in, although more challenging on my part its so worth the time and memories for the younger two boys. 

On most days Isaiah and Oliver are right under my feet no matter what is going on. We snuggle, play, and just live life each day. There are no real schedules, no time clocks, nothing that has to be done right now, and we are just kinda taking each day as we can, simple, and thats so nice. Isaiah has changed in a better light, he gets more time with me, his needs are being met a little better, and he actually isnt so demanding. He has mellowed out a little bit which I love. 

Once our fun at the library ended it was home for lunch and naps. It started snowing too, which actually marks our first snowfall for the season. It didnt lay or last too long but it was pretty while it lasted. I hope you all enjoy your days too. Happy October!

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