Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Adidas Deodorant Spray for Women...

Have you ever took some time and really looked at the deodorant section in your local drugstore? The big names in this type of thing are there, tons of Secret, Dove, Degree, etc. however, I you don’t typically see many other brands on the shelves ie: Toms, Ban, Almay, etc.  I had to purchase deodorant a little while back and I actually took some time to look at the brands. I was not happy any longer with the one I was using, I get tired of the smell sometimes, I want to try out something new, I am the same way with shampoo and body wash, once the smell doesn’t strike my fancy I am done. Anyways, I seen on the top part of the shelf there were some deodorant sprays by Adidas.

Now, when I think of Adidas I instantly think back to my soccer days, thinking of shorts, shoes, etc, not deodorant. My store has 3 to choose from, which are the ones pictured. They all have a great scent, making it hard to choose which one you will want. I got them all, they are around $4 each. I just switch them around from day to day, but they are great to keep in a gym bag, your car, purse, diaper bag, etc. I throw mine around all of those places depending on what I am doing that day. Sometimes you just want a refresher, these are great. Just a tiny squirt of one and you smell fresh!

Try stuffing them in your girls stocking this year, grab one for the diaper bag, or throw one in your car! 

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