Thursday, November 28, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Happy Happy Thanksgiving you guys! I hope you have a wonderful time with you family and friends making memories and enjoying some good grub while discussing all the things you are thankful for from this past year, and all you have coming up.

If you plan on going out tonight for some after Thanksgiving deals, please remember to be courteous to others, think of the people less fortunate than you, and be polite to those around you. Head by a Starbucks or your favorite coffee shop and get fueled for all that walking and standing in line. I personally will not be going out at all tonight or tomorrow, I already got everything for Christmas except for my wonderful husband, so I can stay home...

We will be watching Christmas shows, listening to music, and doing some cleaning around the house!

Tonight I am sure we will all look like Hilda...again I wish a wonderful Thanksgiving! 

Au Revoir, Kristen

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