Thursday, November 21, 2013

My Savings: Target, $150 Saved!

I LOVE Target, don't you? I love browsing the isles and looking at all the neat things they have, getting ideas for upcoming things or just because I want to change up something around the house. My favorite part of Target however is the clearance. I will literally pick through almost all the clearance they have without looking at anything else. My favorite clearance sections however are the  health & beauty and the clothing. When they are really trying to knock out some products/items they really knock the prices down. 

Monday I had taken the kids to the dentist, after I had made a trip to drop off the older 2 at school me and the 2 little boys decided to browse Target and pass our time. I had to pick up a few things anyways and while I was there I lucked up with some amazing steals, here is what I got for literally nothing!

I found the 2 little boys some pants, above is exactly the items I picked up. Had I originally gotten all 7 pairs of pants it would have cost almost $100, but grabbing them on clearance I only spent $22 for 7 pairs of brand new pants for my boys. That is great for brand names and new pants at that. Not to mention they fit in perfect with this years trends. My boys will look quite stylish this holiday season if I say so myself!

Of course I had to look in my section to see what I could find. I lucked up with 2 pairs of leggings, 2 tanks, and 2 nice shirts for myself. This season is hot for leggings and leather accented items from what I have seen, and I really needed some nicer items for my closet. I am not having babies anymore and I am finally being able to focus on myself a bit more. I want to look put together without it looking like its taken me hours, you can do that with items I got. The blue tank above has a black lace accent on the side, making it a dressier tank, 3 of the shirts above have black leather accents again making them dressier, and you just cant go wrong wearing leggings in my opinion, well unless they are skin toned {insert crazy wal-mart cashier image found on the web}...Leggings go with skirts, sweaters, and tanks all year long...great item to have! Had I got these 6 items normally it would have again almost $100, I grabbed it all on clearance saving myself a nice $70...another steal for me...

One of my biggest peeves is buying clothing for not only myself but my kids, you pay a huge price for such little clothing, I learned a long time ago that I do best hitting the thrift stores, consignment, and mass clearance sections at my favorite places. If you take your time and really look around you can find some great pieces to add to your closet for you and your little people. 

What have you lucked up on at Target lately? Where do you usually buy clothing?

Au Revoir...Kristen

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