Sunday, November 03, 2013

My Thoughts: Going Short...

Wow, can you believe its November already? I think I say that about every month but really, October went so fast. Here in CO the weather is turning into winter already, the trees are losing all their leaves and quite bare already, the wind has picked up, and its really getting cold outside. 

Anyways, you may remember that back at the end of September I cut my hair into a long pixie style. It went from shoulder length to really short for me, so I want to share my thoughts on the change and what I like and dont like about my hair after a month of trying it...shall we?

I will start with the PRO's of my short hair style:
  • Dries quickly
  • Less shampoo/conditioner usage
  • Dry and Go style
  • Simple to fix
  • Always looks neat and put together
  • It looks good on me personally
  • I've noticed my makeup looks nicer with my hair fixed this way
  • Less care about my hair
Now the CON's:
  • More product usage
  • Have to "Keep It Up" every 4-6 weeks needing a trim
  • Husband hates it

If your considering going short here are my thoughts on how to prepare yourself:

  • Be sure to figure out your face shape, it plays a lot into if a style will look ok on you or not
  • Talk to your stylist and get their thoughts on your hair
  • Weigh your pros/cons of getting your hair cut off, you dont want to do it and then hate it
  • Pick a few different style out and ask your stylist which would work best on you
  • Remember you will need some products to give your hair some texture
  • Get a cut you will really like, its ok to step out of bounds sometimes and just do something for fun, that is what I did and I ended up loving my short hair
As you will notice there are more PRO's than CON's. Overall I really love my short hair, it makes me feel better about myself because its always "fixed" and I look put together. As a mom of 4 I tend to be crunched for time more days than not and I like to be able to just dry it, dab a bit of product, and go. The only downfall I dont love is that I cant just throw it in a bun when I dont feel like doing anything with myself, but its short so I really dont notice it much. I am so happy that I finally cut my hair, Jim still is not so sure of it but I am so in love with it. 

What are your thoughts on Going Short? 

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