Saturday, November 30, 2013

Recapping My Year...

December is here already, can you believe it? It honestly feels like Fall is just starting for me personally. I think as we get older and obtain more responsibilities the time just passes so much quicker. Its literally now the 25 days of Christmas, and I don’t mean on ABC Family{even though you can count on me to watch it}…I mean the fact that Christmas is only 25 days away. It doesn’t feel like it, but then again it usually doesn’t.

As I sit here its around dinner time, the kids are cleaning up all their toys and stuff downstairs while I am having a quiet moment alone listening to Christmas music and writing. Its nice.

I want to do a recap of this year in a sense and share my hopes for the coming year. I don’t want to do it as a resolution type of thing like most people do for the New Year, but as just as a moment of slowing down and thinking about how much has happened and what I personally want to change in myself. Lets begin…

My Recap:

Jim & I celebrated our 6th year of marriage
We have owned our home for 3 years
We have lived in CO for 4 years
We got a puppy
Our puppy turned 1
We celebrated many birthdays
I have cooked 4 turkeys
I have purged our home and organized massively
We hit a new milestone in parenting: we decided no more babies and it was mutual
We got a gym membership{massive coughing, I need to USE it more}
2 of our little people started public school one in 3rd one in 1st
Jim celebrated 2 years as a manager
Some friendships ended while others blossomed
I branched more into the beauty department on my blog
I celebrated being a blogger for 3 years
I am learning more on how to budget
Jim is moving forward in a new career
I cut all my hair off into a pixi{its growing back out now}
I have purged the kids stuff, less is more
I have finally found a style I like and one that I am comfortable with, setting my own trend
I have lost a total of 5 pounds, thank you holiday season, and shame on me for not going to the gym!
Jim and I are focusing more on our marriage
I am slowly debating on what to do once Oliver is in school, its 3 years away but it’s a big researching thing for me
I am finally happy living in CO

Things I want to work on this coming year:

Budgeting & spending habits, I need some major help here
Routine for myself
Better eating habits
Motivation, I just need it in general
Doing more outdoors
Growing a small garden
Taking better time for myself, not wasting it
Blogging, I need a routine for it and some type of plan for what I want to share

Now, I will go into more detail on the things I want to work on this coming year in upcoming posts, I just wanted to in some way recap things here…

What are you wanting to work on in you life?

beaucoup d'amour et beaucoup de benedictions, Kristen

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