Monday, November 11, 2013

That Man...My Best Friend!

WOW, can you say gorgeous?! Well to me he is and thankfully he is all mine! I love his scruffy beard, his plaid shirts, and the fact he is tall dark and handsome. Fits my bill perfectly.

I have often thought about marriages and deeply looked into my own about how much husbands and wives are the others direct opposite. For example, men in general are stronger than women, women are emotional people we need love, men need to be respected by peers, men are fighters, women are talkers etc etc.

In my own marriage, my husband is my rock, like I am his. If he needs me I am there, and vice versa. If I am worried he is the one telling me things will be ok and we'll make it, just as I do him. We are threads that hold each other together, while God is the needle that is directing the thread, and satan is the scissors that can any minute cut the thread without warning. 

Marriage takes work, its not something that is only words and you just go on day to day. There is a lot of work in keeping the threads twined together while following that needle each day. Jim has struggles, I have struggles, and we have together have victories, because without each other there would be no victory for us to achieve.

When I met Jim 8 years ago, I never imagined we would be married, have 4 kids, a home that is ours, 3 cars, and live 1500 miles away from our families. I never imagined I would be a stay at home mom while he provided for our family day in and day out. I never really thought we would make it this far. Why, well we had many struggles alone those 8 years ago that could have completely shut down most people, but God had other plans when he joined our threads together and starting crafting the most beautiful blanket I have ever seen.

I have often thought about how much I need Jim as a whole. Not only is my husband but he is my best friend. He is the reason I laugh when I wake up, when I cry from pure joy, the reason I figured out how to cook, the reason I take care of myself, the reason I have found to love camping, he is my rock when I feel things are falling apart, he is the one who makes me feel safe, who talks to me in those wee hours of the morning while the windows are open because we cant sleep. He is the one who comes up behind me and hugs me with a different hug than anyone else. His arms are that perfect nook that is all mine. I can tell him my darkest secrets and know they are safe from the world, I can pull a joke and know there will always be a laugh. I can watch girly movies with him and bloody gory killing people movies and be ok. I can talk about my wants and needs with him. He is my best friend.

God knew I needed Jim and that Jim needed me. We dont know all the reasons why, but someday we will. I am thankful that I will get to laugh, cry, share secrets, hold hands, kiss, and stumble through life with my best friend. It will be a long bumpy ride, but one so worth it. So far, its 6 years in, and theres not a day that goes by that I see my life without him in it.

The only question I have right now, is why did God not create a man who knew how to put the toilet seat down at 2AM, and who could remember where he puts his shoes? 

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