Wednesday, December 18, 2013

A Few Of My Favorite Things From The Week...

Some of my favorite moments of the holiday season are being at home with my family, cherishing those moments of the season that are just priceless. We watch the Christmas shows on ABC Family, make crafts, eat take-out sometimes, read Christmas stories, and have hot cocoa. Each year has gotten better as they grow up, their interests change, they notice more around them, and they discover new things that mean something to them. 

We have always taught our kids about Jesus on Christmas, we celebrate Him rather than Santa. We make a cake, sing Happy Birthday, and discuss the meaning of Christmas with our kids each year. The other day Gaby our oldest child who is in 3rd grade this year, came in from school and as we discussed her day she told me that the kids in her class still believe in Santa. She went on to say that she understands some people celebrate Santa but you would think they would know the true meaning of Christmas by now. It actually shocked me because of seriousness on her face and in her voice. Once she finished her thought I told her that some people dont celebrate Jesus at Christmas and that some dont celebrate Him at all. It made me proud as a mom to know she truly knows the meaning of Christmas and had concern of her classmates still celebrating the tale of Santa, but it also made me sad to remember that there are still people out there who dont even know Him much less celebrate Him. It makes me want to rethink myself, and how I am as a Christian and how I express the meaning of Christmas to others.

Another one of my favorite moments came in the form of crafting this week with my middle son Isaiah. He is my 4 year old little man, who is full of energy and life. It takes a lot to keep his interest in things so I have to take up those moments when he really wants to just sit down for a minute. So the other day when he asked me to do a craft I jumped at that offer. We found some construction paper and made a paper chain of Christmas colors to hang on his door, and he made a card for the mailman thanking him for his service this year and we gave it to him along with cookies. It made him so happy to make someone else happy. True sweetness from a child, there is nothing better. 

Last night I captured the curiosity of my sweet toddler Oliver who was consumed with the Christmas tree, here is the picture of him and his innocent curiosity...

Then to top off my favorites this week my oldest son Andrew brought home a gift from school just for me, he couldnt wait for me to open it...Once we got home I opened a pretty snowman themed bag just from my little guy...and within it was something so beautiful just for me...

Just beautiful...I love how the glitter actually covers the ornament, the colors are so pretty, and what makes it so special is that he made it just for me, he thought about the colors he wanted to use and he was so happy and proud to bring it home to me. My heart just melted, theres a puddle believe me! 

What have been some of your favorite moments of the week?
Au Revoir, Kristen

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