Sunday, December 15, 2013

My HUGE Bath & Body Works Haul...

I love Bath & Body Works! I have shopped at this store for years, I honestly remember when the local mall  in my hometown got this store, I was in middle school and went in for the first time with my mom. I have always been intrigued by the smells the store has, its so homey and cozy like. Now that I live in CO the local malls have such neat setups and they too feel homey and cozy. Another thing I love so much about this store are the sales they have going all the time, the stores have great deals but so does the website. I purchased everything below online using a promo code I found and pairing it with their sales online, so I got an amazing deal. I love all the scents, everything feels and smells luxurious. I always get compliments on my "perfume" thing is I never wear perfume unless I am out with my hubby, so I always say its a mix of Bath & Body Works items, I am sure I give them a few customers! The only items you will not see below are the hand sanitizer & a winter market lotion called Vanilla Latte, I couldnt find it online and the hand sanitizer isnt that interesting they are just for my purse!  

You can purchase these items and many more at the Bath & Body Works Store or Online. If you choose to shop online you can use promo code RMNDEC13 to save an extra 20% off your entire purchase or you can print a coupon for 20% off HERE to use in-store! 

Discalimer: I am in no way affiliated with the Bath & Body Works company, all products you see pictured here in this post were purchased by me for personal use. 

Au Revoir, Kristen

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